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Horoscopes for the Sun in Pisces, 2022scorpio romance horoscope today

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Horoscopes for the Sun in Pisces, 2022【scorpio romance horoscope today】:Read your horoscope for the

Horoscopes for the Sun in Pisces, 2022scorpio romance horoscope today

Horoscopes for the Sun in Pisces, 2022scorpio romance horoscope today

Read your horoscope for the Sun in PiscesA Pisces Season like no other

This is a Pisces season like no other. Not since 1856 has the Sun entered Pisces with the sign’s modern and traditional rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, sipping from the same chalice. Neptune and Jupiter won’t officially link up until April 12th, but we’ll feel “under the influence” all season. While Neptune signifies dream, escape, delusion, deceit, transcendence, divine love, and losing one’s self, Jupiter in Pisces is lush, generative, porous, infectious, expansive, excessive, and abundant. Where the Sun glows, our attention follows, so this Pisces season could feel a little more dizzying than it has for a century and a half.

Of course, the astro-weather is rarely unified in its messaging. On March 2nd, Mercury and Saturn will join forces in Aquarius, reminding us of reality’s jagged edges. As next-door neighbors, Aquarius and Pisces are signs that don’t “see” each other, traditionally speaking. While Mercury and Saturn could offer a refreshing rinse of realism and accountability, their bulletin may have a hard time penetrating the Jupiter / Neptune blissout tent. 

Indeed, the Pisces New Moon — which lays its offerings within two degrees of Jupiter — occurs on the same day as this conjunction between Mercury and Saturn. The signals are bound to feel mixed.

The New Moon on March 2nd is special. Whenever the Sun joins with another planet or luminary — which is exactly what happens during a New Moon — it forms a symbolic seed moment. As Luna swells in the sky over the next two weeks (and in the long term, over the next 6 months), our dreams bloom into fruition. With Luna planting its seeds so close to Pisces’ ruler, Jupiter, who represents luck, abundance, and growth, it’s a cosmic blessing.* 

The day after the New Moon, March 3rd, Mars and Venus will chime together again in Capricorn. These two have been chasing after each other since their conjunction on February 16th, and they’ll stay yoked as they enter Aquarius on March 5th. What’s special about their union around the day of the New Moon is that Pluto will be roped in, inspiring us to plunge deeper into ourselves and witness our shadows. Whatever you’ve been unraveling about your relationship with love, lust, and desire over the Venus retrograde (which began exactly here, conjunct Pluto), you may start to find some closure, or at least better self-understanding.

A bejeweled moment

March 5th — the day Mars and Venus enter Aquarius — is also the Jupiter cazimi in Pisces. This bejeweled moment inaugurates Jupiter with a coral crown. As mentioned, all conjunctions with the Sun (aka cazimis) — represent seed moments. March 5th offers a fertile day for planting yours. The Neptune cazimi occurs about a week later, on March 13th, encouraging us to dream on, tune in, and take our fantasies seriously. 

Whatever surfs up this season, it will have a chance to get grounded — and manifest — with the Virgo Full Moon on March 18th. Flowering open within a close trine to Pluto, we might reach the bottom of some of the questions we’ve been probing over the past few months, especially as they relate to power and our own gruesome underbellies. With the light of both luminaries spilling onto Hades, our shadow selves become easier to recognize and work with.

For now, fill your chalice and follow your inner siren song. The lotus pond awaits. 

*You can check out what planets you have in Pisces by reviewing the Chart tab of the CHANI app, and cast your spells accordingly. Our journal prompts and ritual for the week of the New Moon will also guide you to make the most of this magic.

Your Sun in Pisces horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Eliza Robertson.

Aries & Aries Rising

For you, Pisces season is the backstage snooze before your curtain call. As the Sun sinks into this hidden lagoon of your chart, you’re tugged toward rest and hermitage. With Saturn still chaperoning your place of community, there’s a chance your social life feels more demanding, weighty, or restrictive than usual. 

Pisces season gives you permission to turn away. Of course, you’ve had this permission all along, but the “duty” to be present for friends can feel non-negotiable at times. The Sun in Pisces reminds you how nurturing — and necessary — it is to soak in your own waters.

The healing springs are dosed with extra medicine this year, thanks to the once-in-12-years visit from Jupiter. If there’s a habit you’ve been trying to kick, or a self-limiting voice or pattern, Jupiter fills your chalice with a tonic of impostor-syndrome-be-gone and self-compassion.  On March 2nd, the Pisces New Moon will plant its seed right next to the jolly sea elf, blessing your intentions for rest, recovery, and healing. While Jupiter and Neptune’s co-presence creates a heady brew, reality will be hard to ignore this New Moon, thanks to Mercury and Saturn clanging together on the same day. Should the peanut gallery pipe up with facile naysaying, trust your inner voice instead.

This season, your truth is reached from the moon-struck scrying bowl, not the fluorescent light of day. Rest. Dream. Journal. Tune into the sonar signals of your own psyche.

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

For many of us, our social life has significantly winnowed over the last two years — but it’s also revealed our true blues. Our foul-weather friends. Our inside-crews. With public health advisories blaring to keep your distance, they’re special, the ones you trust being close to. From February 18th, the Sun ladles its light onto your watering hole, gathering your people around.

Your friends may provide special relief around March 2nd. Work could feel stressful at this time. The conjunction between Mercury and Saturn may leave you feeling overburdened, blocked, or restricted when it comes to how you think and communicate. 

On the other hand, this could be the day you prove your grit and determination, or your integrity as a leader — but such work is rarely quick or easy. The New Moon in Pisces will sow its seed the same day, within a seaweed blade of Jupiter. This joyous lineup will bring solace and glee to your collectives. Whatever realism you’re chewing on in your career, it won’t curb your hope for the future. Two weeks later, the Virgo Full Moon twines together your play-drive with your mission to sing truths to power. In a supportive trine to Pluto, this Full Moon calls on your art and eros to dive into the wreckage of power structures, as well as the whale bones of our collective shadow. 

The thing about shadows is they bleed into each other. Greeting your personal hauntings can help you face what’s haunting the collective — and vice versa.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising

When the Sun dips into Pisces on February 18th, it adorns you with a beach glass crown. You may already be noticing more growth, divine timing, and sand dollars in your career since Jupiter entered Pisces. With the Sun dappling these waters now, you’re basking in a warm current of attention. Does that mean you’ll go from 0 to 60 overnight when it comes to your stone ripple of influence? Not necessarily. (Though it could.) But chances are, you’ll enjoy more public, peer, or watercooler receptivity. 

The New Moon on March 2nd is a resplendent day to bless new career goals. Your vision boards will be laced with Miracle-Gro around this time, thanks to Luna’s proximity to our benefic sea elf. However, all this growth is premised on your ability to show up for the job with unrelenting integrity and commitment.

The union between Mercury and Saturn on the same day as the New Moon will bring the ice bath to your season of hydrotherapy. With Jupiter and Neptune in cahoots over the coming months, we need Saturn’s realism. For you, this has everything to do with what you’re learning, teaching, and disseminating. 

Truth is a thing with edges. While it can be multi-faced and prismatic, it hurts if you bump into it the wrong way. Sometimes this wakeup call is exactly what we need to stay grounded.

Speaking of ground, the Full Moon on March 18th will remind you of your own patch of dirt. The earth you root from, the ones who raised you, the rabbit hole you tuck back into at night, from the comfort of sweatpants and privacy. 

With this Full Moon in a sympathetic angle to Pluto, you have the most to gain by tunneling deep. Whatever grief you’ve been gathering along your journey so far, this Full Moon helps you sit vigil. There’s no wrong way to mourn.

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

Pisces season begins with this year’s power throuple daytripping through your commitment sector. With the recent conjunction of the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, you’re learning to negotiate with your inner doubt. As you do, you come to understand your power, influence, and impact on your most significant others — not to mention the world at large. The key here is balance. Balancing your own love stories, commitment stories, stories about your worth and starry desires with those you tether your rope to. That includes your romantic partners, but also your best friends and collaborators. When wills flame in opposite directions, you find yourself in a tug-of-war. But if you can lean into your cord the right way, you might just find this tension of opposites holds you up.

As Venus and Mars play decorative rope bondage with Pluto, the Moon renews in Pisces. This New Moon — and Pisces season more broadly — opens your horizon to tidal waves of learning, adventure, and discovery. With wise-one Jupiter whispering into Luna’s ear, you may find yourself on a new study path, spiritual path, or quest of heroic inner seeking.

If you’ve been looking for a mentor, try describing them. Jupiter tends to operate on an “ask and you shall receive” methodology. With this New Moon, the right guide could stumble into your life. Equally, this may be the moment where you finally realize how much wisdom you have to share.The Full Moon on March 18th lures you into your own subterranean depths. Luna will flower open in a trine to Pluto, the planet of shadow, power, and the underworld. Your communications will have a penetrating quality around this time. 

Often, we trick ourselves into believing that our daily exchanges and practices don’t amount to much. But life is strung from these pearls. Pisces season ends with this quiet epiphany: how miraculous it is simply to exist.

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Leo & Leo Rising

There’s nothing like Pisces season to remind you that sometimes grief can feel like the whole ocean: brackish and moon-ruled. Best navigated through sonar pulses and whale song. With Jupiter making a celebrity appearance this Pisces season, you’ll find the inner resources you need to befriend the deep-sea creatures that are your longing and grief.

This submarine navigation may unearth a few gold bullions too, for Pisces also corresponds to the riches you share with, or beckon from, other people. If you’re thinking of entering a collaboration, or pitching an idea to an investor, or applying for a loan, the New Moon on March 2nd offers a jewel of a day to plant such seeds. 

Luna will join the Sun within a fin’s reach of Jupiter, imbuing all that you begin with extra luck and growth potential. Just ensure you read the puny print and represent yourself candidly. The Mercury / Saturn conjunction on the same day will demand total honesty in your exchanges. 

As someone with natural charm, this #nofilter reality check may leave you feeling disrobed. Let it. Authenticity is the only accessory you need. You could well see results by March 18th, when the Full Moon in Virgo plumps up your money sector. Whether you’re gathering a material windfall, or rediscovering the treasure chest of your own self-worth, the journey will be worth it.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

If our relationships provide a mirror through which we understand ourselves, this Pisces season has you gazing into a scrying bowl. Like an obsidian black mirror, this reflector is less practical for surface-level appraisals, and better used for probing your inner waters.Pisces’ ruler, Jupiter, will be present all season, which only happens once every twelve years. For you, Jupiter brings bounty, growth, and wisdom through the people you commit to. Yes, that means your romantic flames, but also your best friends and collaborators. Your relationships provide growth portals right now, through which you have the most to learn. On March 2nd, the Pisces New Moon plants itself within a selkie tail of Jupiter, blessing all your new and existing bonds. With Venus, Mars, and Pluto all dirty dancing from the icy peaks of Capricorn, your ability to understand yourself more deeply is premised on your openness to pleasure. 

Know that you don’t need anyone else for that. Yes, you can merge with others like two anglerfish, whose mating rituals involve literal flesh fusion. But Virgo needs no other to feel complete. With the Full Moon blooming open in your sign on March 18th, you’re reminded of your own divine wholeness. Your creativity, your sensuality, your joy require no one else.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Libra & Libra Rising

Starting February 18th, the Pisces Sun glimmers its SAD lamp toward your health and work life. If you’ve been experiencing enigmatic aches, pains, or ailments, the Sun helps you name them. Meanwhile, Nurse Jupiter awaits with a vial of miracle health serum.

On March 2nd, redouble your commitment to any resolutions you’ve made this year regarding your health, work, or daily toil. This New Moon in Pisces is a divine one for planting new seeds and initiatives — or reviving any vows to self you couldn’t give your energy to until now. 

With Jupiter so close to this lunation, anything you begin (or re-begin) will be infused with luck, blessings, and growth potential. While gigs may be falling into your lap around this time, reserve some of the overflow for your own wellness. If you’re someone with a full plate at work, or at home, self-care tends to be the first thing out the window. 

That’s not the vibe with Jupiter in Pisces. You need to rest as wildly as you work.Speaking of which, the grand finale of Pisces season includes a Full Moon in Virgo, your place of rest and retreat. Consider how sleep itself can be a life elixir. How fresh foods and herbs offer their own medicine — like laughter. If your current setup doesn’t grant you enough time for the practices that help you feel vital, it’s time to make some changes. 

With Jupiter in Pisces until May, you may be surprised by just how doable that is — that others are waiting to help.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

If you feel yourself in the middle of a gory rebirthing process, you’re right on track for this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the season’s festivities. Pisces is the most joyful corner of your chart, and with Jupiter here, the pleasures are even more lush. The New Moon on March 2nd will occur within a jellyfish tendril of Jupiter, filling your chalice to the brim. Whatever fresh starts, art projects or seed ideas you want to bless this season, Jupiter will be there with a jar of basil water to anoint your efforts and help them grow. 

This is the place where you propagate yourself — through human babies, maybe, but also through the art you create, the dances you perform, the songs you croon, the poems you offer at the altar of the muses. It’s also where you regenerate yourself through rites of pleasure and laughter. 

Your friends will want to bask in these delights with you, especially around March 18th, when the Full Moon emboldens your community sector. Whether you’re debuting your magnum opus or engaging in a group activity that you find personally blissful, know that “healing thyself” doesn’t have to feel serious all the time.

Sometimes the most cathartic cry session starts with laughter — and vice versa. Let it out.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

For you, home may be where you hang your bow and quiver, but Pisces season has a way of lighting all the bioluminescent creatures in your sea palace. From now until March 20th, Sol activates an umbilical tug toward your roots. 

That might include your current roots: the place where you spend your most vulnerable hours — in sleep and without your daytime armor. But it’s also the people you root from: your caregivers, and their caregivers, and the caregivers before them. 

The New Moon on March 2nd gives you an opportunity to rewrite and reclaim this lineage. Jupiter infuses this lunation, blessing any fresh starts you wish to inaugurate, or any family mythologies you choose to make your own. 

Yes, Jupiter can operate like the coin-spitting slot machine of the cosmos, but our friendly giant is more than a bestower of jackpots. Jupiter is also a teacher and healer, especially from the remedial springs of Pisces. This kind of healing looks less like traditional medicine and more like a full-body love, or joy, or bliss that’s so transcendent it feels like absolution. However you’re growing or learning in this department, it supports your more visible expansion on the public stage. On March 18th, the Full Moon in Virgo blooms open the petals in your career sector. Whatever you’ve been growing here, this is a moment where you witness your progress. Celebrate it.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As the Sun warms your neighborhood lotus pond, you may feel more preoccupied with the “it’s complicated” triad scaling the rock face of Capricorn. Venus, Mars, and Pluto are currently entwined in your place of self, inspiring you to unknot your own habits around lust, ambition, and desire.

Know that your personal magnetism is off the charts right now. The moths drawn to your orchid may reveal a thing or two about what parts of yourself you shine out to the world. Because Pluto’s involved, this is also a question of power. You exude boss energy at the best of times, and that’s never been more true than now. So, how do you embody your power in a way that empowers others?

Some of these epiphanies could land around the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd, which plants seeds in your place of communication and daily life. Jupiter’s pouring libations over this New Moon, blessing all your writing projects, learning projects, and daily exchanges. If there’s a conversation you’ve been meaning to start, or a blog, this lunation grants you the divine timing.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon on March 18th kindles the lanterns in your inner temple or library. With Luna budding open in a close trine to Pluto, you’re really learning something from your self-study of power and desire, and how to let such hungers mobilize you. (Or how not to.)  

These might be questions that feed your quest for a while to come, but with Pluto inching nearer to the closing gates of Capricorn — after 14 years in your sign — it feels like you’re smelling the first whiff of closure.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

As the Sun plunges into Pisces, your attention pivots to the ways you earn your sand dollars. Jupiter has been unearthing bounty here since the end of December, so there’s a chance you’ve been feeling lusher in this department lately. Meanwhile, if you’ve been sitting on any more wealth-building schemes, think about hatching them in time for the New Moon on March 2nd. 

This Lunation will occur within a manta ray wing of Jupiter, who has a way of pouring growth serum over our goals. However you choose to invest in yourself now, Jupiter will match your contribution and then some. 

That includes time spent cultivating your talents and sense of self-worth — which has never been contingent on the dollars in your bank account. 

With Mercury and Saturn yoked together in Aquarius at the same time, you may need to be reminded of that. This combo helps you make the vows you can commit to (and say no to the ones you can’t), but it can also foster a sterner-than-necessary echo chamber of self-criticism. 

Remember, you’re probably the most biased judge of your own accomplishments. Ultimately, the Sun in Pisces wants to dissolve any voice that says you’re undeserving. If there’s one vow you want to sign your name to this season, it’s this one: I am worthy. I am enough.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

If it’s felt like your season since Jupiter entered Pisces at the end of December, you wouldn’t be wrong, exactly. However, with Sol joining the party until March 20th, the festivities officially begin. 

On the one hand, this could feel like the extravagant synchronized swimmer jubilee of your dreams. The chalices slosh over, and existence itself feels sweeter. On the other hand, you may be unlocking deeper levels of self-love or self-forgiveness than you have in a long time. 

Neptune has been releasing dream fog in your sign since 2011, but with Jupiter now basking in the same cove, you intuit how to blend these waters into your own healing elixir.

The New Moon on March 2nd is steeped in this serum, blessing the rebirth of you. If ever there was a day to take a ritual bath, or a ritual plunge in the nearest body of water, it’s this one. 

Note that your inner voice could feel a little sharp around the edges, thanks to a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn at the same time. If your internal naysayer starts to get shouty, take their words with extra salt. Ultimately, this season is about you and your ability to transcend any kelp fetters — especially those you’ve woven yourself. 

The Roman god Neptune traditionally ruled fresh water springs, rather than the ocean. With that in mind, consider the river, who is always rushing on, always rinsing itself. Let yourself be similarly absolved. 

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

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