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Horoscopes for Mars in Aquarius, 2022horoscope january 29 2022

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Horoscopes for Mars in Aquarius, 2022【horoscope january 29 2022】:Read your horoscope for Mars in Aqu

Horoscopes for Mars in Aquarius, 2022horoscope january 29 2022

Horoscopes for Mars in Aquarius, 2022horoscope january 29 2022

Read your horoscope for Mars in AquariusTesting the structures

As Mars strides into the impartial air of Aquarius, our warrior takes on the role of the activist, soapbox in tow. After weeks of forging the scaffold that will support our dreams, Mars in Aquarius tests these structures within the social dimension. In Saturn’s air domicile, Mars can be more of a free agent — a spanner in the gears and wheels of capitalism. 

However, Mars will also have to play by Saturn’s house rules. Some of its more rebellious impulses may be curtailed. Revolt without an agenda could meet the business end of Saturn’s scythe. We must play the long game when it comes to our emancipation, rather than lose ourselves in a fever of group think.

Mars enters Aquarius in lockstep with Venus — catching up with each other once more after the longest game of tag ever. Just as there’s fluidity to the way children play, we can reframe power exchanges as a dance. Wherever Aquarius falls in your chart, a brave new frontier is waiting to be explored in terms of your passion and delight. 

March 22nd may bring some jangles in the narrative, however, as Mars and Uranus cross lightsabers. Aquarius’ cool detachment will serve us well in this electrical storm, as curveballs force us to innovate. By April 4th, the circus has blown town, and we’re invited to an audience with Saturn itself.  

Conserve your resources

The last time Mars and Saturn joined together was March 2020, and flashbacks to that time may assert themselves. That doesn’t mean we’ll be back in the same situation — we’ve grown, experienced, and learned too much for that — but memories may pebble to the surface. Allow yourself to hold space for this grief. 

Conservation of our mental and emotional resources will help us dig into the knife-edge clarity of this moment. Like dislodging a splinter with tweezers, this process won’t be comfortable, but it will bring eventual relief.

Your Mars in Aquarius horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Stephanie Warner.

Aries & Aries Rising

With Mars’ entry into Aquarius, your clubs, covens, and collectives take note of your swagger. You could even find yourself stepping into a leadership role — the pied piper to life’s oddballs and strays. 

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars reunite, you will be able to marry your daring with your deepest values. Any revolution that’s not grounded in a social context will be dead in the water. Dance your more ardent hopes and dreams to the hive. The accountability of the group will carry you through stickier times.

If utopian fervor sweeps you away on March 22nd, investigate whether your rebel still has a cause. When anxiety around survival or security hijacks your wiser self, lean into the uncertainty that can come with pushing for change. Trust that your community will rally to make sure everybody’s cup is filled. 

On April 4th, in the hush of a temporary truce, reaffirm the core values of your collective action. Etch your mission statement into stone.

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Mars wedges its ice pick in the highest peaks of your chart, you will find that sweet spot between gravity and grace. In the sign of Aquarius, Mars can more readily approach adrenaline as a tool. The friction of stepping outside your comfort zone will be your rocket fuel. Just remember to rest as prodigiously as you shatter glass ceilings.

On March 5th, you will not want to face this ascent alone, as Venus comes bearing satchels of hot cocoa. As you make your most daring career strides yet, Venus will be clipped to your rope, offering backup and moral support.  Consider the mentorship, or coaching that could keep you grounded despite the thin air. Something as simple as a confidant, and their sacred witness, could help you ride out spells of vertigo. 

By March 22nd, the crosswinds of imposter syndrome may kick up a fuss. You have the choice to trust your inner pole star through the flurries of anxiety. We can spend a lifetime preparing our inventories, but the moment of departure will never be perfect. Trust that your climbing partner will be there to catch your slack.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising

Mars’ entry into Aquarius will jumpstart your capacity for wonder and send you hot on the trail of a wisdom pursuit. Though you can sometimes get lost in the kaleidoscope patterns of your mind, Mars will help you focus on one (ok, maybe 2) lines of inquiry. The sturdier your glassware, the more freedom you have in staging your mental chemical reactions. 

On March 5th, as Mars and Venus mind-meld, you will not want to be ghosting the stacks alone. Investigate the lectures, study groups, or discord chats that break you out of your own ruts. You, of all people, understand the power of cross-pollination. Your hypothesis comes alive, after all, through the dance of debate and the friction of scrutiny. 

As Mars and Uranus clash on March 22nd, late night scrolling of the weirder corners of Reddit may be counter-productive. If your intellectual roving has you in the weeds, allow your mind to rest. Your most brilliant breakthrough may emerge through the rinse-cycle of your sleep. Trust your subconscious to fill in the gaps of your research with its luminous symbolism.

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

With Mars dialing up your desire for collaboration, consider whose genius will be a compliment to your own. The balsamic vinegar to your olive oil, or the leather to your lace. Sometimes the most antithetical pairings bring the most magic.

If this entanglement involves merging resources, Mars will help you be proactive about clarifying the bottom line. Get it all down in writing — including your escape clauses.

As Mars and Venus embrace on March 5th, sacralizing your commitment to your co-creator will establish an energetic imprint over the entire project. It’s also an auspicious time to wheel out your rain barrels in terms of grants, loans, stipends, and scholarships. If you’re drafting a project proposal for funding, don’t be afraid to lean into your quirks and highly-specific skill set. 

On March 22nd, electricity crackles through your clubs, covens, and conference rooms. If more traditional channels of funding prove stagnant, you might be surprised by the resources being pooled within your community. 

Sometimes, the work of undoing capitalism is as simple as trading a tarot reading for a haircut. Cutting through the institutional red-tape can be revolutionary, and Mars will hand you the scissors to do so.

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Leo & Leo Rising

Mars’ sprint through Aquarius will have you in full on crushing and canoodling mode. Who will ride sidecar into the flaming sunset with you?

It’s important that your besties and beloveds hold space for your inner weirdo — or at least humor it. It’s within the holding vessel of your closest relationships that you forgo your royal duties and embrace the court jester. Who do you feel so at ease with, you can laugh at yourself?

On March 5th, as Mars and Venus whisper sweet nothings, your desire for a twin flame will reach a fever pitch. Treat your encounters with others as lighthouse flares, illuminating unknown corners of your inner world. 

Also remember that this merging can occur with spirit, nature, or your own soul. Even losing yourself in art, or a good novel, can bathe you in the consciousness of another across time and space. 

As Mars and Uranus clash on March 22nd, an electrifying conversation may have you questioning your life direction, career, or vocation. We all need heroes, but sometimes it’s our rivals that push us further. Lean into the bracing tonic of competition, but leave a extra space on the calendar for important debriefs with partners on April 4th.

Talks about boundaries and expectations help your unions clarify wrong turns. Now is the time to lay down the burdens you no longer need to tow.

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Virgo & Virgo Rising

With Mars streaking through your chart’s boiler room, the hustle is real. Harness your genius on the systems, tools, and time hacks that will help you dance, rather than flail, through the time-crunches. Also remember to schedule in your naps or forest bathing breaks. Avoiding burnout is your most urgent task in the next few weeks.

As Mars and Venus entangle on March 5th, you’re willing to get creative when it comes to your self-care, nutrition, and work day rituals. Whether you’re adding sea moss to your salads, or trying acupuncture for the first time, a spirit of experimentation could lead to a wellness breakthrough. 

Alternatively, splurging on a beautiful meditation cushion might entice you to finally follow through on your breath work practice. Identify the treats that get you through your toil, and dangle those carrots with abandon. 

By April 4th, a side-hustle or work project might screech to a halt. Instead of trying to grind forward on your emergency brake, use this pause to get clear on your mission statement. You might also consider sharing your accomplishments with the You of 6 months ago. Gather motivation from their awe.

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Libra & Libra Rising

With Mars’ tour of Aquarius, you will be ready to skim the cream off of life. If your pleasure principle has been neglected, now is the time to prodigiously pamper. Make good on the spa day, Nintendo switch marathon, or adult coloring books you’ve set aside for a rainy day. 

On March 5th, as Mars and Venus embrace, your muses will be wielding jumper-cables. Use this creative charge to jumpstart your passion project, or to revitalize an existing one. Clashing genres, or mixing media and methods, could provide inspiration in itself. If you’ve been dying to incorporate cutting-edge technology in your creation, now is the time to take the plunge. 

As Mars and Saturn collaborate on April 4th, an artistic road-block might have you scraping paint down to the canvas again. Though returning to brass tacks is rarely comfortable, stripping away the extraneous might reveal the true bones of the work. 

If life itself has begun to drag, you might even find inspiration in the normcoreness of it all. There can be an art to monotony and repetition. Our most daring creations often spring from lean times, after all.

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Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

As Mars tunnels through the root system of your chart, the work of getting to know your ancestors becomes a matter of urgency. Or, a murky ancestral narrative can finally be isolated and cauterized. You decide the familial ghosts you’ll share space with, and the ones who have been living rent-free in your heart for too long.

On March 5th, as Mars and Venus canoodle, you might find yourself yearning for a more vital connection to your roots. There could be inspiration to glean from the arts, songs, stories, and recipes that tether your generations together. Imagine the heraldry of your family: what fantastical beasts, emblems, or symbols would adorn its shield? 

As Mars and Uranus clash cymbals on March 22nd, the tectonic plates beneath your home start to shift. Cohabitation — whether it’s with your true blue or your polycule — isn’t without its stormy spells. If simmering resentments are now spewing their lava, give time and space for the magma to cool. 

Sometimes it takes heat to know where you all stand. On April 4th, reaffirm the space that your eccentricities require — and the systems that will support this geometry.

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Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Mars in Aquarius will see that the dance-card of your everyday life is bursting. As you dash between coffee dates and errands, don’t forget to have fun. Lingering to shoot the breeze with the kooks of your neighborhood could provide fodder for your next essay, or reel.

As Mars and Venus cross wires on March 5th, your texts, voice memos, and Tweets get extra spicy. Don’t waste this mental oomph on arguing with bots in the comment sections, however. 

When was the last time you wrote a poem or sealed a letter with oozing wax? What’s stopping you from splurging on that calligraphy kit? What transmissions from your heart require an urgent audience with your pen?

By April 4th, your mind’s fireworks might crave more structure. They say it’s 10 percent talent, and 90 percent putting in the hours. Consider scheduling in your writing time, just as you would the gym, or your job. Even if you stare at the screen for an hour, you’re still signaling to the universe that you take your life of the mind seriously.

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Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As Mars makes trails into Aquarius, you will approach your finances with a spirit of experimentation. You might be surprised at the income streams revealed by your dowsing fork when you step outside your comfort zone. In fact, you have an uncanny ability to sniff out rising trends. 

Whether you’re finally making an Etsy shop for that quirky talent, or building hype online for a flash tattoo sale, unleash your side-hustle genius now, and nerd your way to the bank. 

On March 5th, as Mars and Venus embrace, there’s a balance to be struck between taking a financial risk and relaxing your grasp on the outcome. Especially on March 22nd, as Mars and Uranus cross wires: the future (and futures) become too volatile to predict.

Reframe these sharp rises and falls as birthing contractions. In fact, you’re being ushered into a whole new financial reality, which may require a system upgrade. On April 4th, your self-love language involves diligently checking receipts. Your famous pragmatism wins this round — as does your painstaking attention to detail.

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Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

As Mars high-tails into Aquarius, a longer process of individuation takes on revived urgency. It’s no longer enough to simply conceptualize the authentic you. If you’ve been lost in the flow-charts of heeding your inner call, the divine timing may pass you by. Like The Fool traipsing along the cliff edge, sometimes we need to trust that the universe has put out its starry nets.

As Mars and Venus entangle, part of what releases you into this calling could involve love, sweet love (and a fire under your tush too). Also allow yourself to surrender to the intoxication of this chase. Trust that once you heed this call to self-discovery, you only need to think as far as the next river bend. 

On March 22nd, you may be confronted with the ways your personal emancipation dislodges something in your ancestral matrix. Allow this process time, and consider the ways you can sacralize this release.

It is said that patterns and traumas cycle through our bloodlines until somebody chooses another story. Consider the familial undertow that carries you unconsciously. If these waters are septic, what will help you onto dry land? 

By April 4th, you’ll be happy to have claimed a room of your own. Make sure to spend some time appreciating the time and space that your boundaries have been able to cultivate.

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Pisces & Pisces Rising

Mars’ tour of Aquarius will stir up your more subconscious shoals. Should you find yourself waking up in the liminal hours, investigate the distress signal your psyche may be sending you. Vigorous breath work or tapping could help regulate your nervous system and prepare you for sleep.

As Mars and Venus entangle on March 5th, an inrush of creativity helps map this roving of your soul’s catacombs. If the vague anxieties that keep you up at night do not conform to language, they may find their home in swatches of watercolor, or the swerve of a double-exposure. 

On March 22nd, you will need to be especially vigilant around sudden, less-than-rational anxieties. Separating the emotional swarm from the thought can help to name and de-fang these worries. 

Bringing more repetition and ritual to your bedtime routine could also protect against the Sunday scaries, especially around April 4th. Whether it’s ASMR videos, or a cup of chamomile tea, rally your calming activities. Fight for your right to sleep.

To read about where every planet currently is in the sky and how that’s impacting you, download the CHANI app for iPhone.

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