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Horoscopes for Venus in Aquarius, 2022indian horoscope 2019

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Horoscopes for Venus in Aquarius, 2022【indian horoscope 2019】:Read your horoscope for Venus in Aquar

Horoscopes for Venus in Aquarius, 2022indian horoscope 2019

Horoscopes for Venus in Aquarius, 2022indian horoscope 2019

Read your horoscope for Venus in AquariusVenus bounty in Saturn’s home

Venus swans into Aquarius on March 5th, finally roaming on from the gullies and ravines of a very deep retrograde through Capricorn. (Didn’t we already pass that quartz formation?) After 4 months in the goat’s terrain, Aquarius’ cool detachment will be a breath of fresh air for Venus. With dust still wedged beneath the fingernails, Venus could use a more cerebral season to integrate the shadow work it’s just completed. 

In Aquarius, Venus will again be the house guest of Saturn. The planet of hard limits, who rules Aquarius, may demand that Venus’ bounty be dispersed through the collective first. What is pleasure after all, if not shared?

On March 5th, Venus makes a conjunction with Mars. Their ongoing chase (they recently made a conjunction in Capricorn) could feel more like intellectual sparring now that they are meeting in Aquarius — with flirty subtext. Mars may present Venus with a sphinx-style password before it can pass the next threshold. Wherever Aquarius falls in your chart, allow your mind to be seduced and your passions upgraded.

On March 19th, Venus squares Uranus, and taking the road less traveled is a must.  Sparks fly when we defy convention and instead trust in our own wildness. 

Honor your boundaries

After playing with haptic vests in the Metaverse, Venus confronts the game designer itself. On March 28th, as Venus meets with Saturn, we may need to confront hard limits in our pursuit of connection and enjoyment. Boundaries, baby. We can use this moment to honor how much care it takes to discover, acknowledge, and respect our limits. In doing so, we create the space necessary for true connection to happen.

Your Venus in Aquarius horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Stephanie Warner.

Aries & Aries Rising

As Venus’ perfume trail weaves through your covens and collectives, schmoozing becomes an art, and mingling your M.O. Now is the best time all year to harmonize the merry misfits you’ve gathered under your wing. 

Whether you’re painting signs for a protest, or planting urban gardens, it’s important that what you build together is as functional as it is beautiful. 

On March 5th, when Venus and Mars join yet again, grassroots activism crosses wires with the muses. Allow the hivemind to open new doors in your creative center, and rummage through the lock safes of your heart. Think tanks, workshops, message boards, and co-working spaces will get that artistic honey flowing. 

On March 19th, the revolutionary festivity may need to pivot, or answer to more serious realities. Consider if the social belonging you yearn for is one you actually subscribe to. If not, recenter your plans to align with your truest core values. On March 28th, establishing what your movement is ~not~ can be a fruitful place to start.

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Venus in Aquarius graces the summit of your chart, you will be aligning your life direction to a wellspring of pleasure, beauty, and delight. 

Your offerings to the collective are often ahead of their time, but Venus will ask you to lead from a place of interconnection too. Just as the architect must consider the environment surrounding their building, you will be strategizing the ecological foot-print of your vocation or career. This is a dance.

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars cross wires, a new vocational path leaps from your passion for artistry, sustainability, and the cutting edge. This new professional direction needs to be avant-garde — even unorthodox. 

As Venus squares Uranus on March 19th, you might even be staging your first catwalk in the Metaverse. Just make sure to parse the pulse of the future from the static of viral trends. You, of all signs, can call “bull” on digital snake oil and pyramid schemes. Trust your intuition.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising

As Venus in Aquarius revels in the spaciousness of your 9th house of higher learning, let yourself be seduced by a language course, your library’s special collections, or the bookmarked Ted Talks you’ve been meaning to watch. You may be especially intrigued by philosophies of aesthetics. The mysterious design that permeates the cosmos may demand your investigation.

As Venus and Mars trade notes on March 5th, you will understand the thrill of the chase when it comes to life’s most tantalizing mysteries. Allow yourself to lean into the sensual dimension of your studies. Hypotheses often spring from embodied experiences of the world, after all. Within the parameters of your field work, allow your senses to be ravished. 

On March 28th, you have a chance to make sure your research project, spiritual path, or adventure itinerary is meticulously plotted. Perhaps the laws of your trilogy’s sci-fi universe need to be refined. Are your sources and methods sturdy? 

Remember that the avenues your novel or thesis choose ~not~ to explore are equally important.

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

Venus’ entry into your 8th House could soften the fetters of a stubborn sorrow or lubricate a mutually-beneficial merger. There is power in remembering that the process of grief is a spiral instead of a linear progression. This reframe could help breathe compassion into the days when you’re confronted by an old trip-wire. This time you’ll be able to glide around it. 

Though your armor can be impenetrable when it comes to the processing of grief, Venus in Aquarius may help loosen your crab-claws. Sculpting, singing, or dancing through your anguish could provide sweet release. 

As Venus and Mars entangle on March 5th, a collaboration that lights a fire under your tush could become a money-maker. Take note of the folks who effortlessly fill your cup, as you dream-team your way to the future.

On March 19th, you may be swept away by the revolutionary potential of pooling resources within your communities and collectives. Group therapy or mediation could also trigger a breakthrough or dislodge an ancient hurt.

Allow your sorrow to crowd-surf the wave of these endless, generous hands.

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Leo & Leo Rising

Venus’ entry into Aquarius will have you pondering the Han Solo to your Chewbacca, or the Pinky to your Brain. These are not the weeks to fly it solo, so solidify your brunch plans with your besties and true blues. Lions roam in prides after all. 

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars embrace, allow yourself to crush like it’s middle school all over again. This swooning may direct you toward a love-affair with an unknown part of yourself. Take note of the people that make you prickle too, as competitive friction could be the key to unleashing your creative swagger. 

As sparks fly between Uranus and Venus on March 19th, Your next career leap could spring from an electrifying collaboration. Do the local jazz musicians want to interpret your sonnet sequence? 

After such charged entanglements, March 28th could bring a fleeting cloud-burst of loneliness. Use this space and stillness to crystallize your most basic needs in partnership, as well as your boundaries. Think of the warmth that you bring to life’s misfits and strays, and turn that spotlight on your own unsung genius.

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Virgo & Virgo Rising

If your inner perfectionist claims too much airtime, Venus in Aquarius will bring more ease to your working day in the coming weeks. From your mistakes and dropped threads, genius hacks and innovations will spring.

Indulge the following thought experiment: what if today my toil felt effortless? Even if you miss the mark, chances are you’ll be primed to see more humor in your snafus, or pleasure in the process.

On March 5th, as Venus rubs shoulders with Mars, your side-hustle could be jolted back to life by a streak of creative daring. Consider throwing your industry’s playbook out the window, and see what happens when you trust the leyline of your delight. 

By March 19th you might be side-swiped by the bigger life questions when it comes to your 9 to 5. Before you consider busting free from your cubicle — to embrace the digital nomad van life — make sure that your pivot is at least somewhat mapped in advance.

Venus will confront Saturn’s harsher realities on March 28th, and your side hustle’s hot air balloon will need to be balanced with bags of sand. Triple-check your business plan and embrace the innovation that is unleashed when you confront hard limits.

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Libra & Libra Rising

Venus’ entry into Aquarius will bring a spark of genius to your pleasure pursuits. Whether you’re creating an airtable for your Dungeons and Dragons tournament, or architecting your dream staycation, this delight will be anchored in sturdy systems. 

Just make sure that your time for mirth and mischief is granted the same boundaries as your daily grind. Though play enchants us with its spontaneity, the rules of the game are equally important. 

On March 5th, Mars and Venus’s game of cat and mouse reaches another crescendo. The thrill of the chase could spill over into a creative project, as formal limits kick your imagination into a new gear. 

This rebellious streak could have you challenging the laws of your creative genre, or clashing mediums with gusto. Especially as Venus and Uranus thunder-clap on March 19th, cutting edge technology could up-level your art. Time to crash-course NFTs?

This process could also help dislodge a fossilized sorrow. Pay attention to the way grief can be released into your creative vessels, like capturing a ghost in a jar.

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Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Venus’ tour through Aquarius will air out the most hidden cellars of your chart. Perhaps you’re rearranging furniture so your home can breathe. Or you’re giving your chosen family members ample space to flex their inner weirdos. 

Use these next few weeks to define the laws of your domestic space and consolidate boundaries around your private time. Your home needs to be well-ordered before you can truly un-clench your Scorpion’s tail. 

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars cross wires in Aquarius, you might be drafting the blueprints for the home of your wildest fever dreams. Before you rip out the carpet, or knock down a supporting wall, make sure that the plan for your renos is water-tight.

Cutting edge technology could also aid a sudden yearning for ancestral roving. You never know what dropped thread could spark your creativity as you sift through digital archives. 

As Venus clashes with Uranus on March 19th, you negotiate issues of space and freedom with your roommates and significant others. Aquarius excels at social systems, so fine-tune your chore roster, and clarify your boundaries. Or you could channel the crackle of mutiny into a cathartic game of Balderdash.

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Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Venus’ entry into Aquarius presents you with a masterclass in the arts of negotiation and tact. The medium is truly the message, especially when it comes to social issues, or the finessing of our systems. By all means, break out the soap box, but consider giving it a fresh coat of paint.

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars entangle, a new podcast or YouTube channel could be fueled by a desire for human connection.  Who are the luminaries you’d like to mentally spar with? Whose ideas could strike sparks with your own, and shatter existing dogmas? 

Even if your takes are sizzling-hot, remember the power of that Venusian silver platter. You’re more likely to smuggle in your more controversial ideas if your prose dances from the page. Your memes can challenge the existing discourse and still be works of art.

By March 19th, you might need to hit the breaker switch on your impassioned mental exertions. If surfing the zeros and ones has made it difficult to focus at work, use this day to recalibrate in nature or with some breath work. 

Your most brilliant breakthrough yet may spring from the more mundane rhythms of your day’s toil. Keep your voice memo app handy while you dead-head the garden.

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Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As Venus sashays into Aquarius’ lab, you will be ready to get creative (and experimental) when it comes to filling your coffers. Is there a quirky talent you’re convinced could be spun into gold? Let a finance-witch help guide you through the wilds of alternative ways to work with the material world. Simply reframing money as a living social glue could help you enjoy this process. 

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars tango, this passion for abundance, safety, and security will reach a fever-pitch. If the garden hose of your nourishment has been kinked, you will have the energy now to tackle these blockages. 

Something as simple as donning the talismans and textiles that make you feel rich, could help call in this honey. If you’re able to wander a farmer’s market, let yourself be immersed by the vibrant human dimension of commerce. Your local artisans could inspire your own inner creatrix. 

March 28th, on the other hand, may ask you to scrutinize your budget with a fine tooth comb. There’s something cathartic about getting it all down in writing, after all. Wrangle your receipts and address any pin-prick leaks. 

The systems you establish now will help you sail through the growth contractions of this longer term financial level-up.

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Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Venus’s entry into Aquarius will be a welcome glow up, as you flex your new moth wings. Revel in these weeks of feeling extra comfy in your skin — you’ve earned this. If you’ve been feeling raw, or burdened by the challenges of individuation, Venus will massage rose oil into the tender spots. 

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars harmonize, there is wisdom in trusting the slip-stream that feels effortless. Capitalism feeds us the lie that grinding ourselves into the ground is the only path forward. Your inner voice, on the other hand, follows subtler currents of delight. Allow your soul’s canoe to slice gracefully through the grain of the waves, instead of struggling against the wind. 

As Venus clashes with Uranus, on March 19th, your personal ambitions might be disrupted by storminess at home. Perhaps a chosen-family meeting is in order, so you can loop them into the details of your passion project. If your “main character moment” has you forgetting the dishes in the sink, Venus’ meeting of Saturn will help get a chore roster down in writing.

If the domestic walls are truly closing in, consider a more unconventional arrangement. You need anchorage that will flow with, rather than constrain, your wild metamorphosis. Home is anywhere with wi-fi, as they say.

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Pisces & Pisces Rising

Venus’ tour of Aquarius will bring a spirit of experimentation to your bedtime routine. Venus will help you calibrate exactly the right mixture of supplements, blue-wave blockers, and evening rituals to transport you into deep and luscious sleep. 

On March 5th, as Venus and Mars dance cheek-to-cheek, you will enter into a love affair with your inner landscape. Just as the depths of our oceans are less explored than space, so it is with your psyche. 

Consider the artistic lures that could entice these deep soul-dwellers. Our poems and paintings know more than we do, and you might be surprised by what surfaces through a free-association creative practice.

By March 19th, these inner transmissions may be dramatic as cymbal clashes. If this subconscious wilding starts to disrupt your sleep, consider writing your worries in your journal before you drift off. It may also be time to pull the breaker-switch on subconscious habits that do not serve. The bedtime doom-scrolling might be the first to go.

On March 28th, let yourself cocoon as deeply as your schedule allows. Imagine your sleeping mask as the castle door to your inner keep. As soon as it’s drawn, no unwanted visitors (or dragons) shall pass.

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