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Horoscopes for Mercury in Aries, 2022october 13 horoscope 2021

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Horoscopes for Mercury in Aries, 2022【october 13 horoscope 2021】:Read your horoscope for Mercury in

Horoscopes for Mercury in Aries, 2022october 13 horoscope 2021

Horoscopes for Mercury in Aries, 2022october 13 horoscope 2021

Read your horoscope for Mercury in AriesMercury gets to the point

Mercury empties out its waterlogged winged messenger shoes when it leaves the fantasy-saturated waters of Pisces on March 27th. Sprinting through Aries in only two weeks, Mercury demonstrates in real time that you can say just as much in few words. 

Direct and to the point is how Mercury moves in Aries. If its float through Pisces scratched the itch to meander through the nonlinear reaches of our minds, then its speed walk through Aries will satisfy the parts of ourselves that have grown impatient within an abundance of whimsy. If you want to be heard, give it to them straight, so they can’t claim to be confused. Simple, clear-cut directions are not an efficiency hack. That’s just how maps are supposed to work.

Epiphanies carve a path to solutions

The most candid, #nofilter conversations and epiphanies beam through on April 2nd. A triple conjunction of Mercury, Chiron, and the Sun wipes our windshields clean and gives us the confidence to go where it hurts. A wounded ego is not necessarily an obstacle to healing, but the subject of it. These learnings are meant to be taken as medicine.

Mercury is also taking its cues from Mars in Aquarius during this entire stretch. And Mars is doing some heavy lifting to negotiate its way through an obstacle. By the time Mercury links up to Mars and Saturn on April 7th and 8th, it’ll be somewhat easier to talk about solutions, or at least the remaining options. 

With Mercury squaring Pluto on April 10th just before it decamps to Taurus, we know where this train of thought is going. It’s time to say what everyone is thinking, but knows they’re not supposed to say.Your Mercury in Aries horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Steph Koyfman (Lady Cazimi).

Aries & Aries Rising

After a period of fumbling through your subconscious in bursts of Morse code, the right words find you. The next couple of weeks are for transcribing your dream journal scratchings into legible notes you can fold into your autobiography.You, too, become more direct in the process. If there’s something you need to get off your chest, the transmission comes through with fewer glitches now. Navigation is set to the quickest route. Even with traffic up ahead, you’ll get there faster by staying the course and resisting the temptation to take the back roads.

The clarity that floods your awareness on April 2nd will bring relief, even if it also touches a raw nerve. It’s tricky to see our own wounds for what they are, no matter how tangible or intangible. Naming our pain goes hand in hand with naming ourselves. It’s not a printing error, but a fundamental thread in your story.

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

Writer’s block, or mental vacation? What might feel like a momentary signal loss for your creativity could actually just be your mind computer’s way of saying it’s in sleep mode. If it’s been a while since you’ve turned it off and on again, allow a breath for some necessary program updates.

Then again, it’s not all shouting into the void. Turning inward helps you tune into the subliminal frequencies that normally evade your awareness. A clear, direct transmission from your subconscious may offer a (slightly) rude but vital awakening. Becoming unblocked requires a willingness to say certain things to yourself before you even say them to others.

A lightning bolt of insight fires through your synapses on April 2nd. The aftershocks bring medicine in their wake. Most of us spend a long time lying to ourselves before the true nature and scope of our pain becomes clear. Summon the courage to go boldly where it’s hardest to go.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising

If you’re tapped to be the spokesperson, know that it’s because the rest of the group sees you as a truth-slinging straight-talker. You can’t speak for anyone else, sure. But you can become a clear, direct channel for the sentiments of the collective.

Then again, maybe you’re meant to spend the next two weeks weaving an enthusiastic connective tissue between your people. Your social calendar becomes especially active under this spell. The probability of chance encounters crescendos as you efficiently work the room.

Maybe crowdsourcing your way to enlightenment is ultimately the way out of a tough existential quandary you’re coming up against. Maybe engaging in discourse is not exasperating, but the way through.

You’ll likely circle in on the heart of the matter on April 2nd. The matter of belonging versus not belonging is often riddled with ancient wounds. Understanding your place in society is often a matter of gazing at your own insecurities, then gazing beyond them.

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

Publish that blog post. Make that idea known to the world. Air a secret whose time has come. Hell, go live for anyone who might be listening and just riff.

You don’t need to be super scripted for this particular press tour, but it will help to be candidly and refreshingly honest. Not everyone needs to see the full extent of the grief or the trauma or the ghosts that may be catching up to you right now. But your openness is a survival strategy for outmaneuvering alienation and shame.

Once you start talking, you might find that the momentum carries you until you’ve unburdened yourself. Big healing revelations flood in on April 2nd, helping you see old insecurities about your reputation for what they really are. By April 7th and 8th, your candor will have loosened a few knots. Keep going until you reach the live edge of the forbidden zone.

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Leo & Leo Rising

Restlessness begets more restlessness. That is, unless you can fling yourself far enough from home that when you do eventually return to what’s familiar, it feels refreshing to have come full circle.

This brief two-week sprint might coincide with a much-needed vacation. Though travel can do wonders for your spirit, remember that the most dynamic adventures are the ones you take in your own mind.

Some of this may boil down to your efforts to clearly articulate your politics and cosmologies. Forgo the overwrought academic speak that hides its meaning behind an elegant tangle of complexities. If you can’t explain it to someone like they’re five, that might be a sign that you don’t fully understand it either. 

Embrace this as an invitation into further exploration. Going directly to the source of any existential confusion can lead to some painful and poignant realizations on April 2nd. From there, your real education can truly begin.

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Virgo & Virgo Rising

You might feel somewhat alienated from your personal and professional identity right now, but this is a momentary blip in time. Treat it like a knot to be eagerly unraveled. It’s bound to be bound up with your own fears and anxieties.

You, too, are bound up with the ideas, lineages, and hurts of everyone who’s ever influenced you. This is not a tangle to extract yourself from, but a necessary symbiosis to be candidly explored. In that sense, your identity is never entirely yours alone. Acknowledging the people who have made you who you are is an essential part of claiming your own name.

Whether you spend this period in contemplation or actively sorting out a debt, tax issue, or collaboration of some kind, keep it candid and simple. You can get very deep without getting very complicated. It’s important to be able to talk frankly about money and the various ghosts that haunt us with the people who are implicated.

This conversation might touch a nerve on April 2nd, but you’ll relish the refreshingly simple truth it endows you with. It might hurt to finally see the pure, naked math of it all. But at least that’s something you can work with.

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Libra & Libra Rising

When in doubt, talk it out. Because realistically, remaining in a closed loop of overanalysis is exactly the sort of thing that frequently trips you up. Others may not understand that you do this in order to minimize any pain and confusion your own ambiguity could cause. But you can avoid a great deal of second-guessing and spinning your wheels right now by simply engaging in a dialogue with someone else.

Once the conversation gets going, it settles into the most refreshingly straightforward groove. It doesn’t take an epic poem to let someone else know how you really feel. The contracts that prioritize clear mutual understanding over self-protection are often the ones with the least amount of legal jargon.

Communication rings loudest and truest on April 2nd. Someone might hurt your feelings, or they might merely touch a nerve. Important insights tumble through the access point of what stings and smarts today.

A great deal of what’s really being discussed during this time might really boil down to creative and sexual frustrations. Or maybe you’re just not having enough fun for any of this to feel equitable. Make a beeline with your words aimed directly at the source of what’s bothering you. By April 7th and 8th, some knots begin to loosen.

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Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You understand, perhaps better than most people, how much flexibility is required for togetherness. At the seams of our intersecting lives, there is always curiosity, an open-endedness, a healthy amount of chaos.

Right now, your coexistence with another (or with the team) might benefit greatly from a quick sweep of the broom. If there’s unhealthy chaos creeping into the coded Excel doc of your shared responsibilities, you’ll probably relish the opportunity to streamline some of your processes — to uncomplicate what can be actually very simple — in order to make your life run smoother.

Asking pointed questions for more efficiency or clarity around your own wellness also counts. On April 2nd, a literal or metaphorical diagnosis of some kind helps you cut through the confusion and reach for the right remedies. Do some research. Get a second opinion if it feels prudent. But remain wide open to the poignant insights that flood your awareness on this day.

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Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

To flow out of you, it has to flow through you first. To wind up in the delta where all rivers lead to one, you must first dart through your own tributaries with the same zeal and excitement that you afford to the imagined outcome.

Treat these next couple of weeks like a spirited jog through your creative channels, or a masterclass intensive in asking for what you want from your lover. Your lover can be incarnate, and your lover can be the muse. No matter how you choose to look at it, things will start to move a lot quicker when you opt for direct, concise language that sizzles with simplicity.

Don’t be shy, and don’t dance around your vulnerabilities. This beeline is headed straight into the heart of a core wound or insecurity you’ve been unraveling since 2018. On April 2nd especially, the needle brings the thread home. Your willingness to be open about the rawness that sometimes comes with being a creative, or a parent, or a person negotiating their sexuality, will help you get unstuck in more than one way.

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Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The longest journeys are sometimes the ones we take to come home, or to come full circle. And paradoxically enough, these next couple of weeks are about getting there fast.

Speed doesn’t have to be about cutting corners, but about uncomplicating something that can be shockingly simple. Processing your childhood is a daunting, never-ending task — until you utter a sentence and suddenly something clicks. Communicating effectively with your family is easier said than done — until you put it simply and plainly, and remarkably, they just get it.

That’s not to say this journey will be frictionless. It’s just to say that sometimes, the best way around a thicket is to simply hack your way through.

On April 2nd, conversations have a way of speaking directly into your soul and inflaming your tender spots. Let them burn away your insecurities and cast light on your histories of abandonment. Consider it a tonic for decalcifying your most stubborn complexes around your own worth. These things tend to have ancient, ancient origins.

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Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

You’re going to want a notebook handy these next couple of weeks. Your creative spark is alive and seeking any available outlet. In times like these, it’s best not to question the output. Automatic writing exercises and freestyle open mic nights are both relevant mediums for containing your spitfire.

Writing it out is what gets you unstuck. You might be coming up hard against a personal wall or limitation that frustrates your efforts to put any sort of foot forward. Self-expression of the no-holds-barred variety can be extremely medicinal for unpacking your traumas. It also has a great deal of practical utility for directly working through your own knots.

The most potent healing insights arrive on April 2nd, but don’t assume they have to flow out of your pen. Make it a point to enter the fray of your immediate environment. A conversation with a barista, a jaunt around town, or a phone call with a bestie can increase the odds of the right message finding you.

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Pisces & Pisces Rising

Money isn’t always easy to talk about. Neither are the sore spots we harbor around our own perceived value. Perhaps right now, you can take a big breath and steamroll over your own hesitation to air out your thoughts. 

Cut quick and hot to the point of what wants to be expressed. Know that at least some of what you’re saying has ancient roots that stretch back generations. Talk about the things your ancestors couldn’t, or didn’t know how, to talk about. Let a loved one in on what you’re unpacking. Break it down into a clear, simple budget that supports you both.

Don’t be surprised if a lot of what you’re processing around your own material needs is really just an indirect way of working through an even bigger, harder knot wedged deep in your mind. The rawest (and most medicinal) insights burn brightly on April 2nd. By April 7th and 8th, at least some of what you’re doing may amount to functional solutions.

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