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 What is the attitude of Taurus to love?

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Take a look at how Taurus treats love:
A conservative and old-fashioned constellation, a constellation that knows what love is and it is difficult to fall in love at first sight – Taurus.
A typical earth sign has rich earth sign features, few words, no impulsiveness, silent, steady, serious inertial thinking, and will not change easily. They are more conservative and old-fashioned. For life, Taurus is content with life, not fond of strong winds and waves, but rather enjoys the quiet and small warmth, the comfort of the wind and the breeze in the afternoon. The original pure nature and views on things are deeply rooted in the bone marrow. They are more conservative and old-fashioned. For life, Taurus is content and does not like strong winds and waves. Xu Lai’s comfort, for his career, is more willing to take one step at a time, lay a solid foundation to build the future, and the same is true for love.
As for feelings, in the world of Taurus, they are not as spontaneous and impulsive as Aries, they are calmer. Therefore, it is difficult for Taurus to fall in love at first sight, it is difficult to be moved instantly, and it is difficult to settle for a lifetime easily. They are willing to let the nature of the contact because they do not hate it, to understand, to be familiar with, to perceive each other’s inner feelings, and then to judge and distinguish themselves. It’s a long process, but also because of the long time, the accumulated affection is more sincere, the person you recognize is more penetrating, and the future you expect is the rest of your life.
In fact, in the life of Taurus, because of the conservative and slow enthusiasm, many steps of chasing love have been imprisoned. Therefore, once it is determined that this hard-won love is deeper than others, they will pour it out for love. All, but lose the principle, and compromise, as long as the other party is not too much, and does not touch the bottom line of falling and falling again, the Taurus will keep this love guarding, until the temples are gray, they are still holding each other’s hands. In the afterglow of the setting sun, the direction of home is gradually approaching, and therefore, in the Taurus, the love that is determined and then moved is more persistent and profound, and can be accompanied by a lifetime.​​​​ After a long time of understanding and verification, this person, this love, for Taurus is the future of “holding the hand of the son and growing old with the son”, they have not shown many vigorous sparks, but there is a long-lasting warmth, and , once Taurus falls in love, they will change, they will have no reservations, they will never be romantic, learn to be romantic, although clumsy, but they are more real, although they can’t talk sweetly, but they will use practical actions to love, To give, to give all of yourself.
Therefore, in the Taurus’s idea, love must be prepared to face difficulties, which is the most certain.
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