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What is the psychology of Taurus?

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Analyze the inertial psychological behavior of Taurus horoscope:
“Inertial thinking” is actually something that everyone has.
Everyone will have fixed ideas and patterns, so they will not easily change under any circumstances, making them feel insecure.
For example: if you are used to eating from a store, you will naturally think of this store when you are hungry. You like this brand, and you will think of this brand the next time you need something.
So among the twelve horoscopes, which ones are most likely to have stronger “inertial thinking”?
It is the three constellations in summer: Taurus horoscope, Gemini horoscope, and Cancer horoscope.
If you have friends with these three signs, you will often find that their eating habits differ from those of the other signs.
It’s easy to hear her say something like this: this is too cold, my mother won’t let me eat it; this is too spicy, my mother said it’s not good to eat too much.
Especially “Taurus horoscope” is more obvious in this regard: when she was a child, her parents told her something “not good to eat”, she will remember it for a lifetime.
When encountering this kind of food, others ask her: Do you want to have some; she will start to “shake her head” with a weird expression!
Moreover, because this “inertial thinking” is too strong.
They usually walk, and they like to take the road they have traveled before; even if someone tells them there is a “shortcut” later, it will not change easily. Therefore, Taurus horoscope is more persistent in this aspect, and the inertial thinking is too strong.
So, where do these psychology and behaviors of Taurus horoscope come from? Today we will talk about this topic in detail!
Taurus horoscope: I think “in line with the characteristics of a good child”, and there should be a “reward and punishment mechanism”! As mentioned above, “Gemini horoscope, Cancer horoscope, Taurus horoscope” are all types that are easily influenced by “family of origin”.
Therefore, from a young age, they will have a deeper understanding of the concept of “good children” in the mouths of their parents.
They will be very obedient, they will attach great importance to everything their parents say, and they will try to do their best.
However, at the same time: because they believe everything their parents say, they also pay special attention to the “reward mechanism” prescribed by their “parents”.
Therefore: many people of these three constellations like to be “sulking”; the reason is also this “psychological characteristic”! They will think that “obedient and be a good child” is what they should do; and everything they want should be provided by the people around them. The “good boy” expectations. Especially “Taurus horoscope”.
Their idea is: I do everything a “good boy” should do, but you should also know what I want.
Therefore, in some aspects, he will not specifically explain or say what he likes and dislikes, because he feels that according to the habit, I hope everyone can understand what he thinks in his heart.
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