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What is the story of the origin of Gemini horoscope?

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See what the story of Gemini horoscope:
Each constellation has its own story, a little secret of its own. Then let’s talk about the story of Gemini horoscope. Why is there a Gemini horoscope? What is the story of Gemini horoscope? How did they get here?
There are three stories circulating about Gemini horoscope.
First story: Leda was the wife of King Tyndareus of Sparta, queen of Sparta. Zeus was so fascinated by her appearance that he turned into a swan to get close to her while she was bathing in the river. She became pregnant as a result, gave birth to two golden goose eggs, and hatched two pairs of twins, one of which was named Castor and Christinesdra, the two kings of Sparta. The child of Rhios; another pair of boys and girls was born after Zeus incarnated as a swan and got close to her, named Polydeuces and Helen. Among them, Helen became the most beautiful woman in Greece. Hence the name Gemini horoscope.
Although the brothers Castor and Polydeuces were half-brothers, they were very popular and affectionate since childhood. Castor excelled at riding and horse-training, and often accompanied him on hunting and adventures, while Polydeuces was a boxer. Both brothers were excellent hunters and horse trainers, known as the Dioscuri brothers.
There was a conflict with Adas and Linthas for some reason, Adas killed Castor. Zeus struck Adas with lightning in a fit of rage, and Polydeuces killed Linthus in a fierce battle. Polydeuces looked at the dead brother’s body and begged the gods to let him die with Castor. So some people say that they are twins and can have two sides.
In the second story, one day, Greece was attacked by a huge wild boar. The princes of Kalydon gathered many warriors to hunt down the wild boar. When the wild boar was successfully dealt with, the warriors fought for each other’s merits and forged a relationship with each other. Hatred. In the lively occasion of a market, the two warriors who looked at each other unpleasantly met unexpectedly, and the two sides quarreled. The younger brother Castor was killed in this chaos. Unable to accept the fact that his younger brother died, his elder brother Polydeuces asked his father Zeus, hoping that Zeus could resurrect his younger brother. But Zeus said that Castor was just an ordinary person and would have died. If he really wanted to resurrect his younger brother, he had to give Polydeuces the rest of his life to his younger brother. Polydeuces did not hesitate. I agreed. Zeus was deeply moved and placed both of them in the sky as Gemini horoscope, never to be separated.
The third story is that the twin brothers Castor and Polydux were said to be valiant warriors. The older brother became an equestrian expert, and the younger brother was well-known for his skills in archery and boxing. The two cooperated closely in many wars, and died. In a battle, the elder brother was injured and died, and the younger brother was devastated and begged Zeus to redeem his elder brother with his own life. Zeus was deeply moved and placed both of them in the sky as Gemini horoscope, never to be separated. It can be seen at the zenith from dusk to night in winter.
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