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A Personality Interpretation of Gemini horoscope:
Gemini horoscope 5.21-6.21
Gemini horoscope is more fickle, and their preferences are impermanent. They are always greedy for temporary novelty, so everything is only hot for three minutes, and they lack patience and care. Although they have a wide range of interests, they like to study some strange things, and they are very happy to popularize this knowledge to others. They have their own cleverness, because they are always interested in everything, but they do not last long, which leads many people to think that they are very distracted. In fact, they simply like new things. Gemini horoscope is a rational but restless constellation. Gemini horoscope is very outgoing and likes to make friends, because most of them are quick-witted and eloquent, and tend to dominate their conversations with others. What they are best at is chatting with others. Because they can keep talking. Such people are often the ones who can control everything in their own hands.
  Gemini horoscope like to live unrestrained, they are always full of energy and life. They have a lot of ideas, but very few can put in action. Because actions never keep up with the rhythm of their thoughts. In the eyes of friends, they are as infinite as a kaleidoscope. Gemini horoscope no matter what age they are, have an ageless innocence.
Gemini horoscope is energetic and hates boring, boring life, which will make them lack freshness. Can’t stand the same relationship. Uneasy about the status quo, eager to change, but often lacks firm perseverance and spirit, and needs guidance from others.
Gemini horoscope often lie habitually, which leads to the fact that others will not easily believe the truth you tell in the end, and you will not get a long-term friendship. In fact, in the process of communication, sincerity is very important.
Gemini horoscope has two extreme personalities. When they are cheerful and generous, they will be very enthusiastic to everyone, and when they are in a bad mood, they will be extremely indifferent. No matter what difficulties they face, they can handle them calmly and calmly. They see everything very clearly and know what they want. They like to hide everything about themselves, because it gives them a sense of security. If they expose themselves in front of strangers, they will feel that they have been caught by others, thus losing their advantage in the process of communication.
Gemini horoscope is very concerned about the opinions of others and is easily influenced by the outside world. I often get entangled for a day because of someone else’s unintentional remarks. Gemini horoscope can be said to be a very strange constellation. It is obviously good at expressing and communicating, but it is impossible to say it to those who like it.
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