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What are the twelve horoscope in ancient China

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What are the twelve horoscope in ancient China corresponding to today’s horoscope:
In ancient China, the Big Dipper was named, and the West also defined the Ursa Major. The constellations in ancient China can be summarized as three walls, four elephants, and twenty-eight constellations. This division is very different from the Babylonian constellation system, and also has an ancient history. Today’s constellations are different from those of the ancients. They are a specific way of dividing the sky, not just the composition of the bright stars in the sky.
The ancient Chinese divided the stars visible to the naked eye in the sky into four signs and twenty-eight constellations. After the constellations were introduced, they were divided into twelve areas on the ecliptic, called the twelve palaces. According to strange records, the twelve palaces are: Qi, Qiaoji, Jianglou, Daliang, Shishen, quail head, quail fire, quail tail, longevity star, big fire, Xianmu, Xingji
Xuanzang – Zi – 1.6-2.3 (dates are in traditional Chinese calendar)
Qiaozi — Hai — 2.4-3.5
Down – Xu – 3.6-4.4
Beam —— Unitary —— 4.5-5.5
Real Shen – Shen – 5.6-6.5
Quail head – not – 6.6-7.6
Quail Fire – Noon – 7.7-8.7
Quail Tail —— Si —— 8.8-9.7
Birthday – Chen – 9.8-10.7
Fire – Mao – 10.8-11.8
Analysis of wood —— Yin —— 11.9-12.6
Xing Ji – Ugly – 12.7-1.5
There is still a correspondence between the names of horoscope in ancient China and the current horoscope. Here are the names of the modern constellations corresponding to the ancient Chinese names:
“Jiao Lou” – Aries
“Daliang” – Taurus
“Shenzhen” – Gemini
“Quil’s Head” – Cancer
“Quil’s Fire” – Lion
 “Quil’s Tail” – Virgin
“Shou Xing” – Libra
 “Fire” – Scorpio
 “Analysis of Wood” – Sagittarius
“Xing Ji” – Goat (Capricorn)
 “Xuanqi” – Aquarius
“The Woodcutter” – Pisces
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