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A little knowledge about Gemini

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Gemini’s little secret:
1. One of the biggest features of Gemini is that it is easy to change. People always have to keep making progress, so as to be able to catch up in the footsteps of others. Because other people are working hard to move forward, Gemini will not stop their footsteps, because if they don’t move, they will regress. Gemini in the twelve constellations will never let such a thing happen, and he will definitely keep moving forward. Therefore, they will actively put forward their own ideas in life.
Gemini is a person who can create surprises every day, because they can always make people shine and are always changing. If a person is always the same, doing the same thing every day, and wearing the same clothes, it will give people a feeling of being boring. Gemini is very good at changing themselves. He will never give others the feeling that he has not changed, and he will definitely change in himself. They are also tired of the constant life, so they have to toss every day. As long as there are new tricks to appear. But Gemini is very powerful, even if you are particularly close to them, he will not let you know what you are thinking. Because Gemini’s themselves are constantly changing, they may have this idea one second, but immediately think another idea is better the next second. Before the last moment, Gemini has a lot of thoughts, and they can’t remember all of them.
2. The figure of Gemini comes from twins who look the same. On the surface, there is no difference between the twins, but these are two completely different people. Gemini’s have two sides. They maintain an optimistic and positive side when facing outsiders. They will not show their sad and withdrawn side, and they will not infect others. When you are sad, don’t let others see your emotions. Your own emotions will be digested by themselves and will not be seen by others. They have an easy-going personality and don’t easily lose their temper with others and make others uncomfortable. Gemini’s easy-going personality makes them popular. They don’t like to care about outsiders, and it is not difficult for them to make friends. Everyone feels that it is very comfortable to be friends with them, and there is no burden.
   Gemini has always been a very thoughtful person. If other people’s ideas are not in their minds, then Gemini will discuss and communicate together, and they will not immediately refute or perfunctory. Gemini is a cute and easy-going constellation, and it is also a constellation that makes people feel distressed.
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