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Learn about the origins of the horoscope:
In ancient times, due to the needs of navigation, the stars were connected to form constellations. The ancients saw the time when the sun rises and sets in the east, and observed the regular changes of the solar cycle through the twelve constellations. These constellations have an air of mystery. There are also twelve constellations in astrology.
Details are as follows:
The horoscope signs are the signs of the zodiac. According to astrology, the sun passes through twelve zones, arranged according to the date cycle, namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricornus. , Aquarius, Pisces.
The zodiac in astrology is only the upper division of the zodiac, which is different from the zodiac in astronomy. After the International Astronomical Union standardized the constellation boundaries in 1928, there were 13 constellations in the ecliptic. 21st century horoscopes are no longer incompatible with astrology.
To facilitate communication, the astrologers of the Mesopotan civilization divided the sky into regions, each with a different meaning. Each region is defined as a constellation, which is where the constellation’s earliest name came from.
The origins of constellations can be quite different in different parts of the world due to different cultures. However, the civilizations of various countries are becoming more and more integrated and open, various cultural exchanges are interspersed, and the constellation culture has also integrated processes of different meanings.
47 constellations are mentioned in Phenomenon, written by the Greek poet Aratos in 270 BC. It is known from the book that the year of the constellation is different from the actual time, resulting in a different time for each constellation. The South Pole mentioned in the book is not consistent with the current South Pole. It can be inferred that the book records the starry sky before 2000 BC.
There is also a view that constellations originated in the Babylonian and Sumerian periods of Mesopotamia, and that Greek and Egyptian constellations may also have been introduced from the region.
The ancient Greek poets Homer and Hesiod also talked about the first part of the great bear, the hunter and the Taurus. At this time, the earliest origins of constellations were recorded.
In China’s “Zhou Li”, the names of some 28 constellations were completed during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The related twenty-eight constellations were first found in the “Historical Records”. Academics also have mixed views on the constellation’s history.
In ancient China, the Sanyuan near the North Pole was designated as the central government, while the twenty-eight places were actually subdivided from the four elephants. It is just one of the many methods of star separation in ancient China. In ancient China, astrology was used to divide the sky. The most obscure accounts of star officials also appear in Sima Qian’s writings. There are 91 star officials and more than 500 stars. In Arabia after the 9th century AD, the constellation spread to Arabia. Ptolemy’s Summary of Astronomy was translated into Arabic. Based on this book, Al Sufi wrote the Book of the Stars, one of the three masterpieces of Islamic observational astronomy. Most of the names of the constellations now come from Arabia.
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