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Tarot- On the cardswhat is february 2 zodiac sign

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Tarot- On the cards【what is february 2 zodiac sign】: Take a look at y

Tarot- On the cardswhat is february 2 zodiac sign

Tarot- On the cardswhat is february 2 zodiac sign

Take a look at your tarot readings of this week (September 19-26).

Chennai: Aries (20 MARCH – 20 APRIL)When the Three of Swords comes it is a kind of a warning to watch out for someone who seems too good to be true. It applies to offers, projects and other such things that look good on paper, but you must read between the lines. Use your head and logic especially if you are being emotionally pressured or manipulated in some way. Learn to say no to unreasonable requests and demands from friends, family or colleagues. Also, watch out for those draining your energies or finances or that you enter into deals to please someone. However going beyond that is the Sun card that promises happiness, fulfillment, and success in the way the world sees it. It shows achieving ambitions and making money too. Right now, do not worry about the future just seize the moment and go all out for what you truly want. For all this to happen you need to come out of the fears that may hold you back from initiating change and going for it fully. You could speak out about things that you think are not fair.Taurus (20 APRIL – 21 MAY)The Emperor is a card of strong personality, determination and success. This applies to men as well as women and this can also show the impact of such individuals in your life. You can gain your goals if you are assertive and do not hold back. You however do need to be more forceful to avoid being overlooked or not being given due credit and probably should make all efforts to get what you want. The Emperor is also a mentor who you look up to and who will guide you in ways that are incredibly beneficial. The Lovers card shows committed relationships in your life- could be romantic or even in good friendships where you will go that extra mile to keep things in harmony. It could also mean that if unattached there could be someone special coming into your life and a relationship that will need you to give attention and care. The Chariot shows change and excitement whatever age or stage in your life. It is a card indicating going forward — making minor or major shifts in career and lifestyles.Gemini (21 MAY – 21 JUNE)You could be in a battle mode right now- over things such as family, friends, work in fact most aspects of your life. It is after all the card of fighting and winning against all odds – the Five of Swords! But ensure that you tackle the opposition calmly and make sure of the facts and your rights. Also, watch out for the sneaky dealings or seeming friends who could stab you in the back. If you are being emotionally manipulated stop allowing those who are doing that. The Six of Cups however brings in good cheer as it is a card that promises happiness, lasting love and a happy family. It can also indicate an addition to the family whether through birth or an extra member coming with a new partner which will by and large be harmonious. It also shows the presence of the elderly who will slow things down in a happy manner for all those involved.Cancer (21 JUNE – 23 JULY)The Threes represents a building or rebuilding on previous situations or decisions. The direction of those new opportunities will appear if you look hard enough. And it is normally associated with all creative ventures. And the Three of Pentacles talks about building tangible resources and promises that ventures you begin or are currently working firm foundations. It is a card that indicates property deals, building assets and construction. The Four of Wands shows that move towards happy family life and environment. The structure matters much less than the actual joy of living for what you desire. Alternately you could be trying to build a good home acceptable to all members. The Seven of Pentacles is a long-term security card indicating stability through money or other material assets and it will continue to grow. This card indicates a good time to buy homes, investments etc.Leo (23 JULY – 23 AUGUST)There is harmony and balance at this point in time both within you and around you. That is what the card temperance is indicating along with the fact that health also seems to be better than it has been all this while. You need to keep in mind however to steer a middle course and avoid excess. This is also a card that shows you probably have to accept what cannot be changed and letting old resentments go. The flip side of this card is that you would like to keep peace at any cost but do remember that this can have a very price especially when it comes to peace of mind. Judgment card tells you to make your own assessment of a situation or anyone especially if conflicting opinions or judgemental people are causing you to doubt yourself. Resolve what can be fixed and let the rest go. The Knight of Wands suggests that you could be taking a lot of interest in the youngsters in your family.Virgo (23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER)The Queen of Swords shows the dominance and command over situations and people – and this week seems to be all about that. As a person, the Queen is a symbol of female power, determined to win in spite of any obstacles and above all learn new things. This person is strong, clever and has overcome many odds and also be incredibly loyal to all those she cares for. This could be you or someone close to you who is like this. The Three of Cups shows celebrations and happy times with loved ones and promises to be a week of really good times. It is also a card of abundance and creativity. New friends come into your life and old ones can return. You could also be working with children and helping people understand how they can work forward in their lives. The Kings represent mature or older men, fathers, grandfathers, mentors or authority figures. This can be an actual person or an institution.Libra (23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER)The Knights represent young men who are still uncommitted or men of any age who would like to retain their desire for freedom- even if they are committed. It also signifies enthusiasm and impetus for a venture or a life change that will bring freedom and personal fulfillment. In love, the Knight cards represent a growing relationship at any age or stage. And here the Knight of Pentacles shows a youngster who is still trying to settle down financially. He or she will be successful no doubt but right now these are the primary things to think about. The strength card shows that you must rise above your fears, feelings and emotions that drain you. You are an infinite being so imagine how powerful you truly are? You can keep the beast of disturbance under control and follow your path and dreams.Scorpio (23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER)When the Page of Cups comes it shows that it is a great time for children and young people, new projects and socialising. As a person, the Page represents someone who is kind and fun-loving probably what you need right now. But then having fun sometimes seems like hard work and you could at this point also be surrounded by people who are superficial and a tad immature. So you could be feeling somewhat out of sorts with this setup. The trick is to let go and go with the flow and enjoy what is being offered by life now. The Four of Cups indicates some sort of disillusionment and boredom where you find it difficult to muster up your usual enthusiasm for having a good time as you could also be feeling very stuck in a rut where boredom could lead to frustration and unhappiness. Make a decision to be grateful for what there is and take what comes your way with grace and acceptance. The Five of Cups shows loss, separation and aloneness.Sagittarius (22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBER)The Moon card asks you what is it that you really want? Because you feel you are facing some difficult choices and you could be doubting what is on offer. You can’t see a clear picture and that makes you impatient and annoyed. So take your time to listen to your inner voice and don’t fall prey to pressures about making decisions. Use your intuition to steer you on the right path forward. You are also thinking of renovations of some sort and you find that you need a quiet time and space to think things through. The Moon will also affect your mood so be aware of that. The Star card tells you that you are guided and eventually you will make inspired decisions. This also means that you must express your feelings honestly and that will take you in the right direction. Your relationships are harmonious right now so keep it that way as you also find acknowledgment for your work.Capricorn (22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY)You wish you could travel and you are thinking of when and how you are going to do it. Because the Three of Wands shows that it is time for new experiences, travel, creative projects or perhaps an educational course. Any such pursuit will broaden the horizons to be inspired. There could however be delays and blocks, but you will succeed in doing what you want to. It could take about 3 months or so to do that so patience now will be a virtue. The Ten of Pentacles indicates material success comfort and gains and also that relationships will be and are on firm foundations. There are happy and prosperous beneficial marriages and collaborations along with possibilities of inheritances as well. You could get into debts, disagreements so be careful. At this juncture, the Hermit card tells you to take time to reflect on things and also to heal the past.Aquarius (20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARY)Any situation can be seen in many different ways and that is what the Hanged Man is telling you. There is a delay in your plans and waiting for things to change can be incredibly frustrating. But however, these delays allow you to see things from a different perspective giving you a chance to devise new creative ways to move ahead. Projects and house moves are postponed but keep planning rather than feel stuck. When it comes to relationships some of them could be on hold while some travel and there are delays in work and other plans too. This is actually a period of incubation. The Wheel of Fortune indicates a change for the better. Delays and blocks will dissolve so be open to whatever positive change comes. Look to the future. Just go with the flow. The Tower card tells you to break down and breakthrough.Pisces (18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCH)For those born under this sign, there will be happiness and understanding especially from those you look up to. The bonds between your friends and family will grow stronger and you could be interacting with someone who is strong clear-headed and very ambitious person. This person will be like a mentor and a leader and will provide you will good inputs on how to run your work and work goals. Sometimes this could also be a person who is self-obsessed and unwilling to compromise. Get your boundaries in place so that you are not left vulnerable to hurt. The Ace of Wands indicates great beginnings. It also shows travel and a time to be creative and inspired. You could face a lack of support or poor timing as new ideas and travel plans are put on hold.

what is february 2 zodiac signTarot- On the cards

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