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Tarot – On the cardsseptember 23 libra

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Tarot – On the cards【september 23 libra】: The week ahead November 28

Tarot – On the cardsseptember 23 libra

Tarot – On the cardsseptember 23 libra

The week ahead November 28 – December 5

Chennai: ARIES (20 MARCH – 20 APRIL)The Hierophant is the card drawn for those born under this sign and it could well be appropriate as Jupiter, the planet has moved into some houses and this card shows the role of a Guru or Mentor who is tough but will enable you to learn lessons. This is a card that also represents the path to knowledge and education which is probably what is going to happen in the days to come for you. This card also tells you to embrace the conventional so that there is a process that can be followed that is been there for a long. Instead of being innovative, you will be adapting to certain beliefs and systems which are already put in place and are existing. The Hierophant card suggests that it’s better for you to follow social structures which are established and have their own traditions. The Angel card drawn for you this week is Release, which corresponds to Archangel Azrael, who tells you that now is the end of a phase or situation and there could be a spiritual transformation. It is probably time for you to move on that. The affirmations are: I see clearly. I willingly forgive. I breathe love into my vision, and I see with compassion and understanding.TAURUS (20 APRIL – 21 MAY)The Five of Pentacles shows that you are thinking from a place of want and lack which shows that what you think is what you will get- rather where you direct your energy, words and thoughts is what will create your reality. So change your thoughts and you will find the abundance you are seeking.  This card at the surface level suggests a time of hardship and insecurity and you could be feeling lonely ill or facing the loss of some sort. This card could also suggest that you could be literally out there in the cold feeling neglected and ignored. However, these are just thoughts that you are creating and not the reality because what you feel inside is reflected on the outside. The Angel card drawn for this week is the Knight of Water that indicates falling in love or getting some proposals. The affirmations for you are: My thoughts are creative. I say out to every negative thought that comes to my mind. No person place or thing has any power over me. I am the only thinker in my mind.GEMINI (21 MAY – 21 JUNE)The Queen of Swords sits high on the throne looking off into the distance. She represents the element Air and with her place in the clouds, no one can fool or trick her. She is someone who is older and like a leader wise and guiding. This could be you or someone like that in your life. As a card, it indicates the importance of making judgements without relying on emotion alone. This card also means that you will need to become independent with your judgments. Rely on your own intelligence and carefully make your decisions. Keep a strong objective view and avoid getting emotions involved. The Angel card for you is renewal corresponding to Archangel Jeremiel who tells you that you need to review and re-evaluate everything. It is time to move in a new direction. Affirmations are: I am open and receptive to new avenues of income. I now receive my good from expected, unexpected sources.CANCER (21 JUNE – 23 JULY)The Two of Pentacles is a card about balance and about choices that you will make with what you have primarily -finances! Wealth is energy and you will have to see how the scales tip with the energy you have regarding money.  There is a possibility that you are trying hard to keep aspects of your life in balance-  career, money, love, and health. The balancing act suggests two major factors that you are concerned about and it is time to step back and have a better perspective of the situation. While you may think it will save you time multi-tasking may just worsen the situation. The Angel card for you is the Queen of Air where it tells you that you need to make objective decisions. The affirmations: I can release the past and forgive everyone. I free myself and everyone in my life from old past hurts. They are free and I am free to move into new glorious experiences.LEO (23 JULY – 23 AUGUST)When you draw the Three of Cups it shows celebrations of sorts and that good times are in the air. The meaning behind the Three of Cups represents a period of happiness. You will be able to forget the worries of your daily life and spend quality time with family and friends. It also indicates happy reunions with friends, relatives and loved ones. There could be events such as birthdays, weddings or any other happy occasion. In general, it is about spending quality time with people you cherish in your life. Alternately it could also bring you back to your circle of friends who support and cherish your presence. The Angel card for you is the Knight of Earth, where it tells you to buckle down and get things done. There is also a Guardian Angel that hovers around you when things get a bit tough do remember that this help is invaluable. The affirmations are: I am safe. It is only changing.VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER)The Eight of Wands signals the end of a long journey and that difficulties are kinds of getting over in the coming months. It also shows a high level of energy that tells you that different aspects of your life will be nothing short of trailblazing. Maybe important news will be coming your way and you may experience sudden, yet steady positive growth. The Eight of Wands usually pertains to work and work-related matters. There is a chance that the decision that you are waiting for, will come your way soon. You need to be patient. When it comes to love, this card shows your readiness to be committed in a relationship. The Angel card for you is the King of Air, where it is time to speak your mind with confidence. You could also seek out professional advice as you balance out mental and emotional considerations. The affirmations are: I am totally adequate for all situations. I am one with the power. I claim this power and it is easy for me to stand up for myself.LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBER)The Page of Pentacles card represents ambition, security, wealth, nature, and sensuality. It also shows a person who is grounded loyal and somewhat diligent. There is focus and one can see ambition and purpose in their demeanour.  The diligence, ambition and loyalty drive such a person ( either it is you or someone like that) to quickly make plans for the future – for it is there where the focus lies. Generally, the Page of Pentacles refers to the kind of energy one needs to complete all that is required to do work and get it all completed. The Angel card for you is Eight of Earth that tells you skilled work is rewarded. It also asks you to learn all that there is to know about a topic and if that means going back to school so be it. Affirmations for you are: I experience love wherever I go. Love is everywhere and I am loving and lovable. Loving people fill my life.SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBER)The Fool card is considered to be a number of infinite potentials. A blank slate where anything can be written and manifested. Whatever the path that will develop character as well as the journey. The Fool means the beginning of a new journey- one filled with optimism and freedom. Anything can happen as there are infinite opportunities waiting- but there also needs to be cautious as looking before leaping will surely land you in big trouble. When it comes to love this card shows the readiness to embark on a new adventure and romance – every time it is new will seem fulfilling. Here is where restraint and caution are needed so that the heartbreak is not so intense. The Angel card for you is the Knight of Air, where events will occur with great speed. It asks you to take time to carefully review your options as creative solutions will come to you. Affirmations for you are: I am in the process of positive change. I am unfolding in fulfilling ways.SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBER)The Empress card when it comes it brings tidings of abundance and blessings. That you can attract life circumstances to bring happiness and joy and to be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself. This card is also a strong indication of motherhood and pregnancy. Could also mean the birth of new ideas, business projects or many other things that bring freshness and novelty. This card is a sign that things are going to be successful and well taken care of. The Empress, also akin to Mother Earth encourages you to spend time interacting with nature. The Angel card for you is the Three of Water which shows some celebrations of sorts- could possibly be a birth announcement. The card also suggests the need to have more fun. The affirmations are: I balance my masculine and feminine sides. The masculine and feminine parts of me are in perfect balance and harmony.CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARY)The Ten of Cups is a happy card showing that you have it all right now. It means happiness contentment joy and emotional satisfaction in family friends and all-round emotional satisfaction – almost an ideal state where you could ask yourself I have it all and more! Dreams’ needs and wishes would seem fulfilled and there is a sense of satisfaction that all is well with the world at large. You could even be planning or already on a family holiday that will be relaxed and enjoyable. This card suggests stability and comfort and if single you could be meeting someone interesting to make your life even more whole. The Angel card for you is Two of Fire- which tells you have come into your own. There will be new partnerships and contracts. So it asks you to continue to move forward. The affirmations are: I love and approve of myself. I appreciate all that I do.AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARY)The Queen of Wand is a clear symbol of strength and fire and is associated with fidelity, sustenance and warmth. This card depicts a courageous and individualistic person. This could be you or someone like this with whom you have a close association. This card shows that you are planning to accomplish a lot and if you are looking for a job it means the boss could be a tough lady who is fair but a hard taskmaster.  But then things are looking good carer wise and so finance. The Angel card for you is the Four of Air that tells you to rest or take a vacation. Allow more time before making a decision .meditation could provide answers. The affirmations for you are: I open doors to life. I rejoice in what I have and I know that fresh new experiences are always ahead. I greet the new with open arms. I trust life to be wonderful.PISCES (18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCH)The World card symbolises harmony between all energies that are good for you. To get this is to know that there is unity and a holistic approach to life and its fulfillment. It shows the efforts that you have been putting in place are now beginning to pay dividends. The card also shows the advent of major events such as new arrivals, marriage further studies etc.  And more, your relationships give you a sense of deep fulfillment now. The Angel card for you is the Eight of Water, which says there is a desire to move on. The search for something more meaningful is on and there is spiritual and emotional growth. The affirmations are: I trust the process of life. There is rhythm, flow to life and I am part of it. Life supports me and brings to me only good experiences.

september 23 libraTarot – On the cards

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