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Tarot – On the Cardsapril 2nd zodiac

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Tarot – On the Cards【april 2nd zodiac】: This week a Masterswitch word

Tarot – On the Cardsapril 2nd zodiac

Tarot – On the Cardsapril 2nd zodiac

This week a Masterswitch word is being given for situations.

Chennai: 20 MARCH – 20 APRILSo long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations of people and life in general you are going to be fine. The Seven of Pentacles is like an illusion card where you tend to get caught in the materialistic part of life and would expect great wealth, all the good things as defined by the world (name, fame, etc.) But so long as you are aware that these do not give you lasting happiness you can aspire and want them. Look out for what can give you lasting peace and contentment and that is itself a journey for you. The week seems to be one where you will wish and want many things out of your environment and those around you. Keep expectations to the minimum. The Five of Wands suggests that there is some hostility at the place of work, or those with whom you have business dealings.20 APRIL – 21 MAYThat you are connected to the Higher Powers or at least trying to be is very obvious with the appearance of The Hierophant who is the one who will show the way. It could be a mentor, a guide, a teacher or a spiritual guru who will lead you on a path very different from the one you have been treading so far. This also heralds some new beginnings and learnings that will take you far in your journey or quest for what you are seeking. The more you take the guidance the more you will see great changes in your life and in your surroundings. Many things could drop off because they no longer serve any purpose in your current circumstance. It is also a time for deep introspection about the words and actions you put into motion.21 MAY – 21 JUNEHappy times and celebrations are in the air as the Three of Cups finds you in good cheer as the year begins. It could mean parties, gatherings and bringing together of loved ones and others who contribute to your feeling happy and joyful. While that may be so it is important to do everything in moderation as there are chances of many three angled stories that could eventually disturb your peace of mind and equanimity. But bottom line is that there will be plenty of gatherings and good times ahead. The Eight of Wands suggests a busy time ahead when it concerns work and another work-related project that will not just take up your time but also your energies as things will be demanding and somewhat tough.21 JUNE – 23 JULYFocus for most of you will be on the main/primary/important relationships in your life now. Could be spouse, partners, lovers et all. This week is about ensuring that this part of life is taken care of in the best possible manner. Spending more time together or going on a holiday or simply putting all other things aside and making the most of the togetherness. This is in one way nice and enjoyable, but it could also draw attention to the relationship as well in that there will have to be acceptance of warts and all and still make it all worth it. The Lovers card indicated spending quality time in this relationship while the Devil shows the working hard on this bond or bondage – the perception could be different.23 JULY – 23 AUGUSTThinking too much about everything will lead to mental fatigue and a desire to withdraw from everything. The Eight of Swords shows some signs of these emotions and where the mind is taking over and making you feel like you somehow do not belong in your set up or that you feel misunderstood. All of this will make you want to give up and move away from the place of action and where too many people and things are there. This is not going to solve what you are feeling because a lot of it is in your heading and that resolution can only come from you. Expecting people to make you feel better is like hoping the tiger you are confronting will not pounce or attack you.23 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBERIf there are concerns that a youngster is not doing well enough- either health, emotionally or work the this is going to keep you preoccupied for a while till you understand that things will eventually get better. The Page of Cups shows the transitional phase the offspring or any other youngster you are close to that will go the right way given the time. Also this is a time when things are being worked out and soon before you know it the project or work will manifest for you to see that this is what all this had been leading up to. The Page of Cups also shows new things coming along and the tidings of good news on the work front. The Queen of Swords shows you are in control of most situations and there is clarity about what you should be doing.23 SEPTEMBER – 23 OCTOBERYou are off to a troubled and anxious start to the week worried about most things- work, relationships and all other things in between. So much so there will be sleepless nights and tortured thoughts regarding the future. The Nine of Swords shows this part of your life and all you need to do is to let go. Let things go the way they will and you will find yourself lighter and unburdened. Cut down the thoughts that keep making you look at do lists that are usually very tiring and draining and take things one by one as the day dawns. The Page of Swords shows the presence of a young person in your life who is busy making a success of work.23 OCTOBER – 22 NOVEMBERThe King of Cups represents mastery over the realms of emotion and creativity and shows that you are in control of your feelings and accept them without allowing others to get the better of you. You are not likely to let things get to you and you generally keep off all the heightened emotions and choose to look at a calm approach. The King of Cups suggests you need to remain emotionally mature when faced with negative energy from others. Be firm on your personal boundaries stating what is and is not acceptable on an emotional level. Stay true to your emotions and feelings and do not allow others to steer you off course. The Eight of Pentacles is a card of work and mastery. When this card appears, it shows you are already working hard to improve your skills and become a master at what you do.22 NOVEMBER –22 DECEMBERThe Six of Swords shows you are in a state of transition, leaving behind what was familiar and moving towards the unknown. You could be moving house, leaving a relationship, changing jobs etc. This change could be your own doing or forced upon you but will soon be replaced by mental clarity and an acceptance of the change. You will need to make tough decisions and compromises along the way but will take you to a better place in the end. This card also asks you to think about the burdens you are carrying as you move from one chapter to the other. The Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings, opportunities and these correspond to the material things like finances, wealth, career, health and manifestation of goals.22 DECEMBER – 20 JANUARYThe Seven of Pentacles indicates that you must understand the value of putting time and energy into long-term rewards. It also tells you to put your efforts in the right areas and to waste time on things that are not going to yield results. This card is an invitation to step back and look at the bigger picture. the Seven of Pentacles encourages you to take a long-term view and assess where you can best invest your time and energy for the maximum output. The Two of Pentacles appears to tell you are juggling priorities, roles and responsibilities.  It comes when you are busy rushing from one thing to the next. Sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing to do.20 JANUARY –18 FEBRUARYThe Emperor suggests the adoption of an elder role protecting and providing for your family. You could be the breadwinner and the symbol of stability and security for others. The Emperor represents a powerful leader who demands respect and authority. Claim your authority and don’t let others put you down. The Knight of Swords is a person on a mission – once this person has set their mind on something nothing is likely to stop this person. This card is a sign that you are ambitious and action-oriented. Move forward with sheer strength and determination to make things happen. The Knight of Swords reminds you to be assertive in getting what you want.18 FEBRUARY –20 MARCHThe Six of Cups takes you back to the happy memories and these connections bring you a sense of joy and happiness as you reminisce over all the fun times. Take this occasion to explore whether you still have a lot in common and if you wish to continue the relationship now. This card shows an increased level of harmony and cooperation in your relationships. This is also a card that asks you to encourage your inner child and experience those emotions and feelings of being so joyful. This card can also suggest a  pregnancy, birth and siblings. The Ten of Cups shows happiness, emotional contentment, especially with regard to relationships.

april 2nd zodiacTarot – On the Cards

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