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Fool’s Journey: Tarot Cards Love to Talk About Lovesagittarius weekly money horoscope

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Fools Journey: Tarot Cards Love to Talk About Love【sagittarius weekly money horoscope】:Header by Ror

Fool’s Journey: Tarot Cards Love to Talk About Lovesagittarius weekly money horoscope

Fool’s Journey: Tarot Cards Love to Talk About Lovesagittarius weekly money horoscope

Header by Rory Midhani

One of the most common reasons people turn to tarot cards is for help or guidance around romantic relationships. Whether we’re wondering about our chances with the hottie behind the bar, seeking help with an ongoing partnership issue, despairing that we’ll never find love or asking whether it’s time to bring that dying romance to its natural end, tarot cards are a source of guidance for many questioning queer hearts. It was processing the aftermath of a difficult poly experience that first got me truly obsessed with my cards, and in the years I’ve been reading professionally, ‘love’ is up there with the most requested topics.

In the past few weeks, I feel like love and lust questions have been even higher on the reading list than usual, and I’ve been keeping notes on the different ways my cards and I have been answering. Obviously, any of the 78 cards might come up in a tarot reading, regardless of the question, and the following isn’t a list of ‘love cards’ per se. But I hope sharing these interpretation ideas will get you thinking about new ways to read the cards that come up in your own relationship readings.

These cards are from the Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina, and the Circo Tarot, by Marisa de la Peña.

Eight of Pentacles

Are you feeling neglected or left out right now? Or might it be time to show your loved one/s a little more attention? The Eight of Pentacles is an indicator of hard work or getting obsessed with our projects — often to the exclusion of other elements of your life. It could be that you’re taking a partner for granted — or using work as an excuse not to deal with what’s going on in your relationship.

Ace of Cups

This can indicate the reopening of your heart after a difficult time. If you’ve been hurt, if you’ve been healing, the Ace of Cups can signal a fresh start and a new era for you, emotionally. A declaration, ‘I’m ready to love again’.

Knight of Cups

Oh boy. Hearts in your eyes, weak at the knees, you’re in deep. Characteristic of the knights, this card can indicate a lack of perspective, but hell, that’s what being besotted is all about. Sink right in…or if you’re feeling frustrated, move things on to the next step!

Six of Pentacles

Who holds the power in your relationship? Who is getting their needs met — and who isn’t? This card raises questions about power dynamics and give and take between lovers. In particular, lately I’ve seen this card raising themes of dependency and codependency in intimate relationships.

Page of Pentacles

Is there something new you’d like to try? Sexual and sensual experimentation can be a real theme for the Page of Pentacles, encouraging you to explore your body and your sexuality in new ways, with an adventurous spirit. This is about being bold and free, mapping new territory.

King of Cups

Vulnerability can bring you closer, help to heal wounds by acknowledging they’re there. It’s all very well being the master of your emotions, but maybe it’s time to talk.

Knight of Wands, Queen of Wands

Look at you go, sexy, free, hot hot hot. A night on the town, in love with your body, feeling so good. You want it? Go get it. You’re on fire.

Eight of Wands

Just bloody ask her out already! State your desires, communicate your needs. Make it clear exactly what you want. Say it out loud.

Two of Pentacles

This might mean it’s make your mind up time, or conversely, maybe it’s indicating that you don’t have to choose. Polyamory, bisexuality, resisting the urge to move in together, maintaining both your relationship and your independence, the Two of Pentacles is about finding balance, when it feels right. Is there a way for you to have everything you want? Or is juggling two worlds beginning to get you down?

Four of Cups

You know how in Empire Records, Corey is so busy throwing herself at sleazy Rex Manning, she doesn’t even realise that her best friend and possible soulmate AJ is standing right behind her, waiting to declare his love? Yep, that’s you. Turn around!

Three of Cups, Three of Pentacles

Does three feel like a crowd? Is there someone else? Or is it time to open up your relationship? These cards can also show that you and your partner are a dream team right now, working together and supporting each other really brilliantly.

The Fool, Three of Wands

For me, these are real ‘coming out’ cards. There’s a sense of self-knowledge here, and a readiness to take the next steps — even if it feels risky — to manifest the desires and identities you’ve been sitting with for some time. These are bold and exciting cards that encourage you to go for it.

Seven of Swords

This can indicate dishonesty within your relationships, and encourages you to question why this is happening. Maybe you need to keep secrets for reasons of safety. Or maybe you’re not dealing with an issue that really needs to come to light. Perhaps you have the feeling you’re being lied to? Whilst the Seven of Swords doesn’t directly tell you to confront dishonesty, it brings it to the fore and asks you to spend time thinking about what’s really going on.

The Devil

Sometimes, we stay with someone out of habit. Sometimes we hurt the people closest to us, because of a frustrating cycle we’re trapped in. Sometimes, it’s easier to stay in a situation we know isn’t good for us, because it’s easier than tackling it head on. Sometimes, we’re just afraid of what life would look like if we made that change, broke those chains. The Devil, scary as it can be to see this card, is a reminder of your own power. Your life is your own. Even in deeply committed partnerships, you’re an individual with your own needs and you have the power to have them met.

Eight of Cups

You’ve done your best, but it’s just not working. This card might be encouraging a gentle break-up, one that honours the love you once shared, or encouraging a break. It could also be saying ‘get the hell out’, but there’s a wisdom here, a real sense of respect. Maybe that poly situation ain’t working for you, or maybe that person is just causing you too much pain. Whatever is hurting you, the Eight of Cups reminds you that it’s okay to call it quits.

Six of Cups

Sometimes, between bills and rent, between her family and your exes, between washing up and lesbian bed death, life gets a little too complicated and you start to get on each others’ nerves. The Six of Cups is here to remind you why you got together in the first place. Take a weekend at the beach, pull a sicky and spend the day in bed, bring her flowers or cook their favourite meal — or just remind your favourite person that you love them. It’s the simplest gestures that mean the most — don’t lose sight of what’s real when life begins to catch up with your love.

Three of Swords, Five of Cups

Yep, love hurts. Sometimes, it hurts a lot. But your heart can heal and you will be okay. You’ll get through this. Keep strong. You’re doing great. Feel what you’re feeling and know how strong you are.

As always, I could go on and on — but it’s your turn! Which cards have come up in your love readings recently, and how did you interpret them?

sagittarius weekly money horoscopeFool’s Journey: Tarot Cards Love to Talk About Love

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