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How many doubts does Cancer horoscope have in friendship?

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Doubts about Cancer in friendship:
Cancer’s emotional attitude is like a dream, and will not retain such deep feelings for each emotion. So there is some confusion.
1. Cancer horoscope is a recognized amorous species in most cases. It seems that there is a little bit of a state of “rejection”. They are suitable for all ages, and they will bring unprecedented intimacy.
In particular, there are fixed houses of basic skills such as Cancer horoscope, Leo horoscope, and Aquarius horoscope in the horoscope, and friends who have a combination of fire constellations, air constellations, and water constellations often bring their own awareness in their emotions. There will also be a rational view of love that others desire.
On the one hand, in addition to the delicate emotions, this part of Cancer horoscope also brings the rational cognition of Aquarius, and of course the open-mindedness and generosity of Leo, which will make those who have lived with it deeply, feel it.
And the most important thing is that they are so good, there will be many cases of people of the opposite sex who are concerned about taking the initiative to come to the door. It’s just that this part of Cancer horoscope still has strong emotional needs. They are so serious and obedient, but they just want to be treated equally by the other party. It can be said that no matter how powerful they are, they will be angry in their emotions, but they are very afraid of losing. There is a kind of I have a whole sea of ​​flowers, but I still only feel good to you and obedient to you.
2. In the Cancer horoscope, which is muddled by the two earth signs of Taurus and Capricornus, in the delicate emotional needs, they will have a little bit of unbelievable “interests”, and sometimes they will seek comfort, sometimes they will chase the respect of value. If someone’s house is on the moon at this moment, you will find that this part of Cancer horoscope will often express their love through material performance, but let them directly admit that they care and promise directly some “sweet words” seem to be a bit difficult. This part of Cancer horoscope is not very good at saying nice things. People like to look at surfaces, especially those who need to be aware of their feelings.
Therefore, often if the object of this part of Cancer horoscope is Pisces, Scorpio and other types of judgment based on feeling, they often always think that the other party will do something, instead of expressing it, let the other party find out for themselves, but this part of Cancer horoscope, you don’t Saying that they don’t think they should do it, and what they do is already what they think can give you happiness. They don’t feel warm, they don’t feel sincere, and they often just want and give are not on the same channel. . This part of cancer horoscope own discomfort knows that they don’t want such a result at all, but they just don’t want to admit that they have done something wrong, because they feel that they have paid, the other party can’t see it, and their hearts are broken. Arrived, this kind of exchange of desire for equal and complementary emotional benefits, when they break up, it is estimated that they will not get an answer. As a result, both lose, but they also end up with the infamy of “scum”. They are extremely uncomfortable but become emotional collapse, this kind of separation pain, only they know, but outsiders think it is their problem.
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